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"We have a Jenday. What a character. The bird is very intelligent. We first taught him to turn in circles to get a treat, but now HE has expanded it to mean 'I want' anything. He has become aggressive to some family members and after a while we noticed that it happens sometimes when his favorite person enters the room. He likes me, but will let my daughter handle him, until i walk in then he will attack her. Strange. But that does not mean he will not attack everyone, me included. We cannot carry mops, combs, toothbrushes, water bottles, or water drinking glasses around him, though cups are okay. One day when he attacked me I treated him harshly by striking him on the beak with my finger saying loudly 'No! No! No!' and so he learned the word no. He has learned several words: bed and outside are two others. Several days after punishing him for attacking me i said to him 'time to go to bed, bed, bed.' and he responded, 'no'! Amazing. Our bird flys and we leave him outside on the patio during the day, which is open to the back yard. He never leaves the yard however. In fact he will fly along the fence lines and return to his cage. There are hawks in the neighborhood and they are a danger. I have noticed however, that Juanito is a very fast and acrobatic flyer. He has outrun a hawk twice, but they do scare him. Once he flew into a bush in the neighbor's yard to escape and would not come back until I called him. And when he did he sat on my finger and squawked and squawked and squawked as if he was trying to tell me his problem. We have a vegetable garden, and Juanito likes to go to the garden, but only when someone else goes. then he will sit on top of a trellis and pren. Like a baby he likes to be talked to so I talk to him a lot. Also the little guy loves to play a game with me. I call it bang beak. If i drum my fingers on a surface, he will mimic me with his beak and has even come up with interesting combinations. a very smart little guy who has a huge personality, holds grudges, has an excellent memory and loves to play."
"Paul Jameson"

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