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"hi bunny lovers my name is tiffanie from oregon. i have a 3year old mini lop named babunnie she is a bit neurotic, she digs tunnels and never seems content with her hole so builds another better than the one before. this started this past 2weeks since henry came to share her space he is a larger breed rabbit, 6months old pure black, ears up, arched back and very shiny coat, sleek and soft. when my sister got babunnie she was told she was fixed but henry seems to think different and has mated with her. august 6th to be exact, if in fact she is pregnant at her age and small breed will this cause concern being bread with a totally different type of rabbit, a large breed? would the neurotic behavior and digging mean most likely pregnant? i have built her a large nesting area just incase but she wants no part in being caged up. she has lived outdoors with my german shephard and my black lab for a year and before that with my sister and niece in a cage only, full time cage. i became babunnies guardian and friend when my sister went out of town, i was tending to her and decided i was taking her to my house where this bunny finally came alive. never thought a bunny could be so fun and entertaining. never returned to a cage again. those reading, i hope to by now expressed some behavior and concerns, if anyone has any input to comment please do. come sept 5th would be the day, if pregnant? do i have any reason to be concerned because of the different breeds of rabbits? she will be going into the new enclosed area, we call bunnyville 5days prior to delivery date just incase. also want to mention i dont want to take her to a vet if i dont have to. picking her up is very tramatic for her, she is social and sweet but wants to be near you jump on your legs and roll around you but picking her up is a huge ordeal and she holds a grudge, disapears, and wont eat or socialize for days. last resort for us, thank you!"
"tiffanie bingman"

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