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"WE have a 50 gallon tank with 18 neon tetras, 4 Peppered Corydoras Catfish, 6 bloodfin tetras (4 died, so now 2), 4 Pristella Tetras, 1 Opaline Gourami, 1 Twig Catfish, 8 Zebra Danios, and 2 Koi Angelfish. We have had this tank for about three months, we have 2 amazon swordplants and 2 unknown plants. We have also unexpectedly acquired a bunch of Ramshorn Snails. The Neons have been eating normally and none have died, but they tend to just sit in a corner, also they have been picked on by the bloodfins for while, we can't get more bloodfins to prevent their aggressiveness becauese of a disease which killed four. The owner of our local pet shop (Sailfin Pet Shop) said once the disease stops, don't buy bloodfins for another 4 months. The disease made them have a huge hole in the front of their faces, then eventualy die of starvation, once we saw signs of it, we just took the sick ones out of their misery. I'm Wondering if we should put them in our old 10 gallon tank (they originally came from it) or wait 4 months. The tank is sitting on my bookshel with a fake plant in it, we'd have to re setup the tank and put more decorations and gravel in it, also we'd have to find an 82 degree 10 gallon heater. The tank was kept for 9 years with water in it (i got it when I was 3, i'm now almost 13) and 3 months without, and smells kind of funny. Also it has algae left in it that we've tried over and over again to scrub out. The only decorations left over are two small fake plants, we also have an algae coated fake plant from the new tank we took out because we had enough real plants. All the rocks were moved to the new tank. Before we lost some, the bloodfins kept to themselves and left everyone else lone, Now that there are only two left they nip at the gouramis and angelfish's fins, the break up the schools of tetras and danios, and it pushes the twig catfish around. The 50 gallon tank has a serious algae problem, we just cleaned it out, and there is still a ton of algae on the back. We have such a bad algae problem because of our LED system to keep the live plants alive. We decided to keep the snails because we caught them eating alae, and read that they are good algae eaters, but the bloodfins have eaten at least 19. We are just trying to figure out if we should move them or let them stay. We also have another small problem, our opaline gourami (there is only one because when we floated the angelfish, 3 jumped out (my sister was floating them because I had to do homework) has been well, pooping all the time, although we suspect it is because we've seen him eating the fluffy algae off the intake for the filter, the rocks, the out take, the plant leaves, etc, we are worried about it's health and how much poop is on the bottom of the aquarium. Any help would be well, very helpful."

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