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"Hi Everyone, I belong to two great Bearded Dragon sites. One is a free Bearded Dragon group called ( type in: pogona) The group has a baby beardie looking at the computer. Their sister group is The other one is It is also free. Some of the spinal deformities I am reading about, are often caused by a lack of UVB, the wrong type of UVB, or a malfunctioning UVB. There is a difference between the Repti-SUN 10.0 and the Repti-GLO 10.0 flourescent tube lights. I have used the Repti-SUN 10.0 for several years, without EVER having a problem. On the other hand, I have adopted Beardies who have been kept under the Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes. They developed MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). The Repti-GLO 10.0 tubes sometimes offer not UVB, but instead, UVC. There is only one way to tell if your Repti-GLO 10.0 tube is emitting properly: With a UVB meter. These are very costly (@ $500.00 or so) No UVB or a malfunctioning UVB light, will cause MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). This causes deformities in the bones. Once damage has occurred, it is permanent. I have seen Beardies that were kept in the same viv. They both began to develop MBD. One Beardie was very lethargic. No problem was realized at that time. The other Beardie displayed trembling in the arms and legs. That observation immediately caused concern. The reason: No UVB. 2 Beardies, in the same tank, developed the same medical condition. However, the symptoms manifested differently in each dragon. It took 4 days for that Beardie owner to get UVB lites for the Beardies. In the meantime, the Beardies were taken for walks outside for 3 days, in direct sunlight, for 1 hour each day. Because of this, the forward progress of the disease ended. A little bit of permanent bone damage occurred in one, while the other (the lethargic one) was fine. Both of these dragons were housed under the Repti-SUN 10.0 tube light afterward, without any further problems. I adopted a Beardie who had been kept under a Repti-GLO 10.0 tube light. Through x-rays, we could see how his sternum bone (chest bone) was crooked. Instead of being parallel to the spine, it twisted outward, and then upward. I believe, thru observation, that he may have had vision problems, too. I am not sure if the RG 10.0 was a factor in this. An example of the WRONG type of UVB is the coil light. The coil light is known for causing eye problems in Bearded Dragons. By the way, has a BEARDIE ER forum. This site automatically notifies you of any comments/replies you receive, via your email. They have several great forums. Emerald "

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