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What’s New this Week? Our 5 top pet and animal topics and a few more!

The latest web chatter going around in the animal world spans hundreds of articles and blogs!

To help you stay up to date with what’s happening on social media and the news, we’ve culled through all this week’s web chatter, October 24th-31st, 2014. We narrowed down the selections to the choicest topics, and then pulled out the very best.

The choicest, top 5 news items that caught our attention are followed with a few more choice selections: cute, cool, unbelievable, smart, inspirational… and a few dumb!

Top 5 news posts this week

  1. Stunning Google Seaview Tours

    These awesome 360-degree coral reef videos are being created by Google maps in conjunction with Catlin Seaview Survey, and are just awesome.
    Take a Google Seaview Tour of the World’s Most Stunning Coral Reefs

  2. Hamsters on parade!
    Young girls dressed as hamsters brings out the best in Halloween, it just doesn’t get any more adorable than this.
    Hamster girls a highlight of 2014 Milford Halloween Parade
  3. Three darling newborn lion cubs!
    Born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, their birthday was Friday, October 24th, so these triplets are just one week old!
    Its triplets! Lion cubs born at Woodland Park Zoo
  4. Inspiration story for adopting pet parrots

    Rescue parrot Santina Perry is a 14 year old Green-Winged Macaw. Her story starts with humble beginnings but her keeper tells how this wonderful bird has “blossomed into a well tamed and trained pet parrot.”
    You’ll Fall In Love With This Rescue’s Macaw Story

  5. Fran Lanting’s life behind the camera
    Frans gives voice to the animal kingdom. Watching and photographing animals inspires a philosophy that all creatures, animals and people, are one! These snippets from his 2014 TED talk say it all.
    Frans Lanting: Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom



  • Adorable 6-day-old pony stays close to mother
  • Just how intelligent is your dog?
    Take a fun quiz to figure out your dog’s smarts!
    Quiz: how intelligent is your dog?
  • Cleaning up our seas
    You’ve probably have heard about the Pacific Ocean’s “Garbage Island.” Here’s a helping hand removing tons of ocean debris.
    NOAA removes 57 tons of marine debris from northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  • Purple Finches, a pretty invasion
    Lovely Purple Finches are staying in the northern forests of Canada for the winter, because food is plenty! These beauties only head south for easy pickings when food is scarce!





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