This Week in the Animal World: Squirrel’s painting, snake orgies, mermaids…

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Pet and Animal Roundup: Squeaks, squawks, and howlings in the news this Week!

Latest web chatter going around in the animal world!

To help you stay up to date with what’s happening on social media and the news, here are some of the pet and animal items that caught our attention through October 23, 2014.

Pet and animal news: cute, exciting, unbelievable, smart, inspirational, and of course…dumb!


  1. Halloween can be fun for animals too

    Determined pony goes apple bobbing!

  2. Look out Rembrandt lovers, now there’s a painting squirrel!
    The Squirrel Who Paints
  3. Pets dressed to kill
    The Hottest Pet Halloween Costumes This Year
  4. Wombats just keep coming up cute
    15 Photos Of Adorable Wombats That Will Get You Through Your Day
  5. Hilarious grins that just don’t quit
    Pictures show grinning animals including dogs, cats, birds and even lizards


  1. Mermaids with pizzazz showing off in the aquarium
    Love mermaids? See them swim at Adventure Aquarium in Camden
  2. Dress for success… at the snake orgy
    Why It Pays To Be A Small Male If You’re Going To A Snake Orgy
  3. Halloween creepy takes on a new dimension deep down in the ocean

    Eerie critters from the deep sea: THE BLOBS


  1. Carve your pet’s portrait on a pumpkin
    Put Your Pet On A Pumpkin This Halloween
  2. Mice move up on the intelligence meter!
    Rats Aren’t Smarter Than Mice: A Surprise for Researchers
  3. Pets and people howling at the full moon
    Full moon rising: Does it affect animal and human behavior?
  4. Horse lovers want to know…
    Dog of today are NOT the dogs of yesterday

    20 Years Of Changes in Dog World


  1. Get your morning coffee and go home with a cat!
    Inside America’s First Cat Cafe
  2. What shortens a reptile’s life (besides teenagers)… Sex!
    Sex-loving, meat-eating reptiles have shorter lives
  3. Alcohol to the rescue… who would of thought!
    Cat’s life saved by vodka


  1. When Halloween scares your pet…
    Animal Tales: How do I keep my pet calm, safe on Halloween?
  2. Dog energy, matching pets and people
    Choose a dog breed that matches your energy level
  3. Getting high from a cat’s perspective
    For Cats, Being High Is Good
  4. When is a finch NOT a true finch?
    Flight Lines: Sorting out bird species an ongoing process
  5. Nature rules!
    Your City’s Best Defense Against Climate Change: Nature


  1. Dastardly frogs keep singing… even in the face of danger!
    Poison Frogs Are Some Long-Winded Singers
  2. Smart guinea pig squeaks… and lives!
    Guinea pig’s squeaks save it from being run through industrial shredder
  3. Youths usurped by elders in the fish world
    Old, Fat, and Fertile Fish Are Essential to Fishery Survival
  4. Horses shine as therapists
    Therapy horses a calming influence on veterans


  1. What? Rabbit massages, mountain lions on a treadmills, butterfly farms, alpaca poop paks…
    ‘Wastebook’ calls out government spending: massages for rabbits and beyond
  2. A horse hater… Is it really even possible?
    Enough horsing around…
  3. Frogs and the boiling water pot… eew!
    10 SEC READING: Frogs being boiled

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