The Black Bar Chromis is a Nano tank gem!

Black Bar Chromis, Chromis retrofasciata

Want a terrific fish for your small saltwater aquarium? Look no further than this handsome little damsel!

The Black Bar Chromis is great in small aquariums, whether it’s a community tank or a reef. It’s colorful and active with an overall good disposition. It is also quite small, barely reaching over 2 inches in length. It’s the perfect size for a 20 gallon Nano tank!

This guy is friendlier than most other damsels with other community fish. It’s even safe to keep with all corals and invertebrates. In fact the only fish it gets scrappy with are its own kind, and that’s only if the tank is too small. But that’s no problem, for a small aquarium you simply keep just one!

In nature the Black Bar is rather unique for a damselfish, because it is often found alone. It will at times swim with a few of its own kind too, but never in the huge shoals that other Chromis favor.

It’s perfectly happy in the aquarium when kept singly, but it can easily be kept in a larger aquarium as well. Then you can keep a pair or a small school. Just make sure there’s lots of rockwork, or corals in a reef, for each of the Black Bar Chromis to find places to shelter.

This Chromis is a pretty durable damsel, though not quite as hardy as some of the more pugnacious types.

The aquarium needs to be well maintained and this fish needs to be feed often. Feeding it is simple because with its hearty appetite, it will readily eat most nutritious aquarium fare offered.

A side benefit of being well fed is an improvement in attitude, and then any aggressive tendencies tend to lessen!

Keeping a happy Black Bar Chromis is pretty easy for a dedicated beginner or for any experience saltwater aquarist. So whether you have a small tank, a large tank, or a reef aquarium, this little guy is the perfect gem for all!

Learn more about this awesome Damselfish! See pictures and get more information on the Black Bar Chromis Chromis retrofasciata, along with its aquarium care, behaviors and breeding!

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