Atlantic Chain Moray Eel – Echidna catenata

Tweet A beautiful, helpful, and interesting saltwater fish updated with extensive information. “The Chain Moray Eel is listed as the 3rd most suitable eel to keep with fish, and each eel has it’s own unique pattern!” More Info…

Why I Hate Crabs

Hmmm… do you keep crabs in your saltwater aquarium?

Beginner Saltwater Fish

August 8, 2012 by  
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Beginner Saltwater Fish“Many beautiful and inexpensive fish are available for beginning saltwater aquarists!” Beginning aquarists will find keeping saltwater fish is a rewarding hobby! Beginner saltwater fish are great way to start out in an ongoing and fun hobby! And even if you’ve kept freshwater fish before or are not new to marine aquariums, saltwater […]