Horse Care, Alternative Therapies

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Interesting alternative horse therapies…

The Holsteiner

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A great competitive horse breed!

Different Horse Breeds for Various Equine Disciplines

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Submitted by Andres Ong, Content Writer A Beautiful Arabian Horse! The sport involving the equine is truly a science. What was once a sport that relied on gut instinct and sheer stamina alone has now evolved into an arena where numerous variables must be accounted for. Proper training and nutrition are essential to maintain optimum […]

Attending to the Changing Needs of an Older Horse

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Guest Author: Melissa Hathaway Although horses can live active lives well into their twenties, with life expectancies of 30 years or more not uncommon, as they age horses’ needs change and they require more care and attention to keep them in good health. Some horse breeds do fare better in old age, with certain medical […]

Pet Ownership: Buying a Horse

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Horses are strong animals who have beautiful coats. Used for everything from war to work, horses have been loyal companions to the human race over the years. Are you considering buying a horse? Here are some particulars on going about the process. They are great to watch in action. If you’ve never been to an […]