Brilliant New Soft Coral Species Discovered, Psammogorgia hookeri

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Learn about a relatively newly discovered coral species!

The Coral Triangle, an Awesome Visage to be Spotlighted by Animal Planet

Tweet The Coral Triangle seen in the Philippines If you’ve ever had the opportunity to scuba dive, the area known as the “coral triangle” is a part of our world that offers a panorama of beauty to sate every artist’s palette. Animal Planet, a unit of Discovery Communications, plans to share a bird’s eye view […]

The California Hydrocoral

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California HydrocoralStylaster californicus“I’m related to the beautiful Fire Coral, but without its fiercesome sting!” The California Hydrocoral has many brilliant color variations, including a beautiful yellow! The California Hydrocoral Stylaster californicus grows in many different formations. They can have tangled and dense networks of brittle branches or have pointed tip and delicate lace-like formations. They […]

Moon Polyps

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Moon PolypsPalythoa sp. “This is a sea mat type of button coral! They form clusters of polyps on “mats” of sand!” Moon Polyps received their name from the way their clusters of polyps appear – in the shape of half moons! The Moon Polyps Palythoa sp., are called by other names as well, including Encrusting […]

The Corky Sea Finger

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Corky Sea FingerBriareum asbestinum “This coral actually gets its shape by growing on and over other Gorgoninas – which makes him more “quirky” than corky!” The Corky Sea Finger reproduces easily and is quite easy to care for – making it a great beginner coral! The Corky Sea Finger Briareum asbestinum, also goes by the […]