Fastest Animals, Peregrine Falcon Smoothly Outstrips Free-falling Skydivers

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The Peregrine Falcon, fastest animal on earth, once again shows its dominance over all others! Affectionately called Lady, this falcon easily surpasses skydivers with speeds of at least 180 mph! Journalist Steve Leonard ascended 10,000 feet on a hot air balloon, carrying a speedometer and a lure that Lady had been trained to hunt. Steve […]

5 Must-Have Things To Keep Your Pet Bird Comfortable and Healthy

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Pet’s Point of View, SuperZoo 2013

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From a “Pet’s Point of View”, SuperZoo is great. Animals just have a simpler perspective than humans, and its one that Dr. Jungle and I found simply enchanting!

Types of Pets: Choosing the Best Pet For You

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Types of Pets“What’s your lifestyle like? There is a type of pet for you no matter what type of life you lead!” Having a great pet experience depends a lot on finding the perfect pet for your personality! Many pet animals make wonderful pets, but different types of pets can suit different personalities. You will […]