Pet Ownership

“The Encyclopædia Britannica makes the comment: “Keeping pets satisfies a deep universal human need, and pets are found at every cultural level.”

“In a recent Australian survey, people were asked why they owned a pet. The outstanding reason given was for companionship. With dogs, for protection and, in some cases, useful work were also mentioned. Some kept pets for breeding purposes. Others viewed their pets as an aid to relaxation.

“Many parents feel that having a pet can be an advantage to children. A pet can provide pleasure and companionship and give firsthand knowledge of animal life. Viewing mating, pregnancy and the bearing of and caring for offspring can help youngsters to understand the miracle of procreation. On the other hand, facing the sicknesses and even the death of a pet can help prepare a child for harsh realities of life.

“Pets afford the opportunity to impress upon children the fact that another life is dependent on them.
Mentally and physically handicapped children are among those who have benefited from contact with pets. It can help children to relax and adjust better to their environment.

“It is common to find pet owners among couples of all ages who do not have children at home. The challenge involved, along with the playfulness and affection of a pet, sometimes acts as a substitute for having children. Many of the lonely and the elderly get great pleasure and benefit from the companionship, affection, loyalty and sometimes the protection of their pets.

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December 7, 2006