Buying Horse Accessories

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Horse Accessories

Congratulations on your new horse! Your new companion is a strong animal that will give you many years of joy in your life. Horses are expressive animals that adapt well and are quite sensitive to the emotional state of others. You’ll want to give him the best that you can.


Horses need comfortable bedding in their stalls. The type of bedding you choose depends on your budget. Straw is nice but it can get moldy. Store it where you store your hay to avoid any problems.

Another choice is wood shavings or shredded newspaper. Both are easy to muck out each day. If you or your horse has allergies to the wood, try peat moss or the newspaper.


Horses will need blankets at different times and for different uses at some point. In the winter months, a blanket can provide warmth in the stables, pasture, and when riding them. Here are a few choices:

1. Horse sheets – These are a lighter type of horse blanket that can be used more often than a heavier one. It is made of nylon and circulates air to prevent sweating and irritation in your horse. Use them in areas where pests like mosquitoes are prevalent in the summer. Heated barns make heavy blankets unnecessary in the winter but horse sheets would be ideal. Make sure they are secure so your horse can move without them slipping off.

2. Stable blankets – In winter months, your horse may need extra warmth. In barns that are not heated or areas where temperatures fall very low, a stable blanket can keep your horse comfortable. There are blankets that just cover the body and others that include a piece to cover the head as well.

3. Turnout blankets – These are used when riding your horse. These are thicker than the cotton blanket used for stables and they are waterproof. If you keep your horse in the pasture during the winter, these blankets will keep him dry and protected no matter what his movements.

Horse Boots

Horse boots or wraps are used for a variety of reasons. Those who show jump or ride horses for polo can use different boots to protect their horse’s legs from injury. Other boots are used to protect a horse after an injury to help improve their gait and strengthen their joints. Here are a few that you may see:

  • Shin boots
  • Knee boots
  • Polo boots
  • Coronet boots
  • Brushing boots
  • Heel boots
  • Poultice boots

Grooming Box

This often includes everything you will need to groom your horse to perfection. Invest in a good one that you can use for a long time. Your kit needs but is not limited to:

  • Mane and tail comb
  • Body brush
  • Hoof picks
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Hoof dressing
  • Sun block
  • Fly spray


Bridles are very important in allowing you to direct your horse! It used to be that bridles all came with bits that fit into the mouth, a sensitive area for horses. Nowadays you can buy bit-less bridles that don’t have to rub this sensitive area to guide your horse.

There are a host of other horse accessories that you can buy for your horse. These are just a few of the more common ones to have on hand.


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