Blue Green Chromis, The darling of the Damselfishes

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Blue-green Chromis, Chromis viridis, Green Chromis

The Green Chromis is simply a beauty to behold!

Nothing is prettier than a lively school of shimmering Blue-green Chromis taking center stage in your aquarium. This damselfish is one of the best! It’s very active, yet has a peaceful nature, and is very hardy when taken well care of.

Whether you’re an experienced aquarist or just starting out in the marine aquarium hobby, this fish may be just the ticket for your tank. It’s not too big, reaching only about 3 1/2 inches, and can be kept by itself or in a group. A smaller tank will suit a single fish, though a school will need more room.

Despite being a damselfish, this guy is very peaceful and great in a community. It gets along fine with just about everybody as long as its companions are also fairly peaceful.

They love to hang out with their kin and in the wild are found in shoals numbering in the hundreds!

Masses of fish all moving together, they have been aptly described as a “living curtain” of color.

To keep a school in the aquarium you will need at least 6 of these and a 55 gallon tank. This is because they form a pecking order and the little guys will get roughed up if there are any fewer. They will actually be happiest with many more, but that of course, depends on how large of an aquarium you want. The more fish you add, the more space it takes!

In the hardiness arena, they are just about as tough as their damselfish cousins… but not quite. You need to make sure their tank is set up properly with the right tankmates (other peaceful guys), and then take real good care of it. Top notch water quality is a must, and sparkling action will be your reward!

Learn more about this awesome Damselfish! See pictures and get more information on the Blue Green Chromis Chromis viridis, along with its aquarium care, behaviors and breeding!

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