Best Dog Toys Of 2015

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When it comes to keeping your furry family member happy and healthy, a dog toy provides hours of endless entertainment!

Keep your pet safe by choosing the best and safest toys. The Humane Society notes to choose toys best suited for your dog’s size and activity level. Furthermore, purchase toys especially made for dogs rather than giving your pet children’s toys or household items for playtime.

To help you make a smart purchasing decision, here are the best dog toys of 2015:


Kong brings out the best in your pet with the Wubba toy. Made in three distinct sizes, you will find the right size Wubba for your four-legged pal. Featuring a multi-dimensional design, this toy is both a squeaker toy and a tennis ball surrounded in a securely attached nylon covering. Attached tails add to the usability of this toy as you play fetch and tug of war. The exterior is super durable, and attached tails are equally as impressive.

Get ready for many rounds of romping with the superbly designed Wubba toy for your dog.

Go Dog Crazy Tug Sasquatch

Take playtime to the next level with the goDog Crazy Tug Sasquatch. Manufactured by Quaker Pet Group this doggy toy is made especially for tug of war, giving your pet a chance to strengthen its jaws as you hang on for the fun. Designed with a durable material, this toy features trademarked Chew Guard Technology to prevent it from getting ripped and torn through years of wear and tear. Yet the design of a body with four appendages is soft and squishy enough to be soothing on even a puppy’s gums.

Chase’N Pull

Tease your dog with a ChaseN Pull produced by Vee Enterprises. Perfect for inside pets or those with limited play space, this toy gives pets a full body workout. This all-in-one toy allows you to play tug, catch and chase with your pup. Best of all, it comes in three sizes making it appropriate for most dogs. You and your pet will get quite the workout with this stimulating dog toy.

Nerf Dog Illuma Action Retriever Ball

Grammercy Products has devised the Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever Ball. As part of the Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever line, this ball is available in three different sizes and shapes. Choose from the 2.5-inch ball, 3.2-inch meteor ball, 5.5-inch football as best suited in size for your particular pet. Each ball features a rubber exterior built to endure many games of chomp and shake. The true fun comes when the ball is in movement, as it is transformed into a light-up toy. LED lights blink inside this brightly lit ball, which is safely secured within the core of the rubber exterior. Lights last for 30 seconds when the ball is out of action, and the lighting will last for up to 100 hours of play.


Fetchbee by Real Innovators takes the cake as a revamp of one of the coolest toys in dog history. Featuring a flying disc design, this updated take on a classic is made using flexible plastic that resists breakage under lots of biting. Best of all, this newly innovated disc fetch toy is made using three slots for clipping on an ergonomic arm to use for launching the disc. You’ll get a more precise aim, meaning no more flying discs lost in the river or trees. Easier than any disc to fling, this puppy toy makes play time more fun with Fido.

Jolly Egg

Last but certainly not least, the Jolly Egg designed by Jolly Pet is shaped like an egg. However your furry friend will not choke on this toy any time soon thanks to the highly dense polyethylene plastic that it is made of, which makes it nearly impossible to hold this toy in the mouth. Biting on the ball is a non-issue, as well. The real fun of this egg-shaped toy is from its texture. As your pet tries to capture the Jolly Egg the material slips from beneath its paws, time and time again. Additionally, the ball is perfect for water play as it floats. Choose the Jolly Egg in two different sizes for your particular dog, keeping in mind that the larger size is also fun for smaller breeds. This practically indestructible toy is ideal practically anywhere from the beach to the park.

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