Are You Ready for Dog Ownership?

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Dog Ownership

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend but they are also good for the rest of the human race. Dogs can raise your spirits, help with health recovery and display a fierce loyalty that can save your life. With these good points can come a downside. Are you really ready for a dog in your life?

Many people are in love with the idea of dog ownership. They see them on television or in another persons home and think that they want the same thing. What they don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes so that the dog is well behaved, well fed, beautiful and an integral part of the family unit.

It is sad but true that many owners buy dogs and then give them back, often to the pound. What are the reasons? Mostly, the owner got in over their head and then couldn’t care for the dog as it needed to be cared for. So, a pet loses their home and then has to endure the threat of being put to sleep. Worse still is putting them on the street where they have to learn to fend for themselves and contribute to pet overpopulation.

You can avoid this issue by evaluating how ready you are for dog ownership. It is not a crime to accept that you won’t ever be a pet owner, or at least not a dog owner. Someone who is better suited will take them home.

What to Know before Buying a Dog

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making a purchase or commitment.

1. What breed is right for me? – All dogs are not the same. Some need more exercise and instruction than others. Small dogs don’t need as much outdoor room to run, but may crave more play time each day. Try to choose a dog that has a similar temperament to yours for a better match.

2. Do I have the time to care for a dog? – Dogs need structure especially when they are young. Here is when you crate train, housebreak them, teach them discipline and establish a pack order with them. It can take time to get a schedule and deal with issues. If you don’t have this time you could end up with a dog that is nippy and misunderstood.

3. Is my family okay with the dog? – Check to be sure that family members do not have pet dander allergies before committing to dog ownership. It could be that a short-haired dog is better suited because they don’t shed as much if at all.

4. What will I spend on my dog? – Pets count on their owners for everything. It can take a lot of dough to feed, house, groom and take care of the health of your dog. Some dog owners spend upwards of a couple thousand dollars a year. This doesn’t include the cost if you buy a purebred dog or if there are any health problems present.

There is no shame in not owning a dog. Learn here if you are ready and the right person to become man’s best friend.


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