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African Serval Care Fact Sheet
African Serval Care - 08-11-11
Serval cats make fascinating pets, with understanding and proper care they can live a long happy life!
African Serval Cats Fact Sheet
Serval Cats - 08-05-11
   The African Serval is a medium sized cat species, with a long body and very big ears!
Tortoise Shell Cats Fact Sheet
Tortoiseshell Cat - 07-15-11
Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
Mackeral Tabby Color Pattern Fact Sheet
Tabby Cats - 07-15-11
A tabby cat with stripes is very well-known... and is the original coat design on pet cats!
Types of Cats Fact Sheet
Types of Cats - 04-13-11
Cats are great companions, yet different types of cats can be better suited to different types of people!
Cat Care Fact Sheet
Cat Care - 04-13-11
Proper cat care will help your cat live a long and happy life, and you'll be rewarded with a great pet!