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Green Iguana Fact Sheet
Green Iguana - 04-27-20
The Green Iguana is one of the most popular pet lizards, but it grows big... very big!
Centipede Care Fact Sheet
Centipede Care - 01-21-12
Centipedes and Millipedes can be great pets when you want something different and interesting!
Land Invertebrate Care Fact Sheet
Land Invertebrate Care - 01-14-12
Whether it's a scorpion, tarantula or spider, a hermit crab, or even a centipede... arthropods are some of the animal world's most fascinating creatures!
Selecting Your Snake Fact Sheet
Pet Snakes - 01-11-12
The best types of pet snakes are suited to their keeper... and get great care!
Selecting Your Lizard Fact Sheet
Pet Lizards - 01-09-12
The best types of pet lizards are suited to their keeper and get great care... and it starts here!
Lizard Classifications Fact Sheet
Lizard Classifications - 01-06-12
Identifying different types of lizards is easy, because most have a strong family resemblance!
Reptile Care Fact Sheet
Reptile Care - 01-03-12
The best amphibian and reptile pets are those that get great care... and it starts here!