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Dog-faced Puffer Fact Sheet
Dog-faced Puffer - 05-15-23
   The Blackspotted Puffer acts much like a dog and is a favorite!  That face looks so sweet, that you may find yourself whistling for it to come…. and it just might! 
Cowfish Fact Sheet
Cowfish - 05-12-23
   With similar personalities of puffers, Cowfish add amusement to the mix with their comical look and movements.  Kind of looks like a jousting Kia!
Oldwife Fact Sheet
Oldwife - 05-09-23
   The Oldwife may grit their teeth when frightened, but an aquarist without proper knowledge will be gritting their teeth about their purchase!  Yet with the proper research they are a great addition to a cold water marine tank!
Firefish Fact Sheet
Firefish - 05-09-23
   By far, the almost PERFECT reef fish for a peaceful tank, with the exception of their tendency to carpet surf, they are a durable fish!
Longnose Hawkfish Fact Sheet
Longnose Hawkfish - 05-08-23
Your Longnose Hawkfish stalks you as you are walking by and watches every movement you make; this is the behavior that makes them a very cool and sought after fish.
Flame Hawkfish Fact Sheet
Flame Hawkfish - 05-03-23
Next to Longnose Hawkfish, Flame Hawkfish are one of the most sought after hawkfish due to their small size, better temperament and beautiful red coloring.  
Falco Hawkfish Fact Sheet
Falco Hawkfish - 04-30-23
Tons of personality packed into a pint size package, the Falco’s Hawkfish is great for a nano tank and just as at home in a large aquarium.
Neon Goby Fact Sheet
Neon Goby - 04-27-23
The Neon Goby is the best addition to most tanks!  They can eat the crypt parasite while it is still near the surface of the skin, and help alleviate the symptoms during an outbreak!
Golden-headed Sleeper Goby Fact Sheet
Golden-headed Sleeper Goby - 04-27-23
The Golden Headed Sleeper Goby is a beautiful fish that has a short 1 year life span in the wild and around 2 years in captivity.  During that time they do a great job in keeping the sand bed turned over!
Cave Goby Fact Sheet
Bridled Goby - 04-26-23
One of several species that are hard to identify, the Bridled Goby has a tell tail notched pelvic fin along with a dark colon shape at the base of the tail!