Miniature Herefords are an ideal cattle breed for small farms and beginner farmers. These cows are small, hardy, docile, and also cute! Whether you plan to venture into the beef industry, provide necessities for your family, or simply enjoy cows venturing around your property, Mini Herefords are the way to go. Take a look at this incredible breed below and see what we mean.

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Quick Facts About Miniature Herefords

Breed Name:Miniature Hereford
Place of Origin:Herefordshire, England/Fort Davis, Texas
Uses:Beef, milk, cattle showing, projects
Bull (Male) Size:42 inches tall/1000 pounds
Cow (Female) Size:38 inches/600 to 800 pounds
Color:Red, deep cherry, red/orange
Lifespan:15 years
Climate Tolerance:Arctic snows to moderate heat
Care Level:Low Maintenance
Production:2-4 gallons of milk daily, 650 pounds of meat

Miniature Hereford Origins

Hereford cattle can be traced back 250 years ago to Herefordshire, England. The Tomkins family was the first to breed the original, full-size version of this cattle. When it comes to Miniature Herefords, however, Point of Rock Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas is where they first developed. In the late 1960s, this Texas ranch used dwarf-free Herefords, with all the same characteristics as their larger counterparts, to create their own bloodlines. Breeding stock was available 20 years later in 1989.

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Miniature Hereford Characteristics

One of the main characteristics that draw people to Miniature Herefords is their ease of care. This cattle breed can easily adapt to most climates, requires less acreage, has no special food needs, and has ideal beef and milk production for a cow its size. These cows are cute and docile, which makes them easy to care for and ideal for people who want cattle for pets or children’s projects.


Many miniature Herefords are raised for beef production. Due to their size, smaller farmers can easily process the meat and use it to feed their families if necessary. One Mini Hereford can yield up to 650 pounds of tender meat when processed. On average, Minis produce more ribeye per pound than full-size Herefords. Minis are also capable of yielding between 2 to 4 gallons of milk per day.

Due to their docile natures, Miniature Herefords are often chosen by first-time cattle owners, families who want cattle for pets, those who visit cattle showings, and even children and young adults involved in organizations such as 4-H, FFA (Future Farmers of America), and other activities.

Appearance & Varieties

Most miniature Herefords come in a variation of red. You will see deep cherry colorings or even a reddish-orange. Often, you will find white markings on the cattle along with the typical reddish colorations.

To be considered a Miniature Hereford, the animal needs to measure 47 inches or less. Most bulls will average around 42–45 inches while the females often range between 38–42 inches. Calves are much smaller and only weigh about 35–60 pounds when born.


Miniature Herefords can be found in most states throughout the US, Canada, and even in Australia. This cattle breed is easy to care for and requires far less space than other cattle breeds which makes them excellent for beginners and farms of smaller sizes. You’ll also find that Miniature Herefords eat 30%–40% less food than their full-sized version which makes them more affordable.

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Are Miniature Herefords Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Yes, Miniature Herefords are ideal for small-scale farming. With fewer food requirements, this small cattle breed can easily live on 5–20 acres and be productive. For farmers who plan on supplying food for their families, one Miniature Hereford produces quite well and the meat is considered excellent. If larger-scale production is wanted, having several Miniature Herefords on the land is no issue. They are easy to care for, require less room, and have a docile nature which eliminates many of the danger issues smaller farms deal with.

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As you can see, Miniature Herefords are an ideal cattle breed to introduce to any small-scale farm. These docile creatures can produce tender meat, fresh milk, and have fewer requirements than full-size cattle. Whether you are new to the world of cattle or simply looking for a breed that is easier to manage, Miniature Herefords are an excellent option.

Featured Image Credit: Rawpixel