If you’re thinking of starting a chicken flock or expanding one you have, picking a breed can be challenging as there are so many to choose from. Many urban farmers go with the Lohmann Brown chicken because it is a hardy breed and an excellent egg producer.

In addition to being prolific egg layers, Lohmann Brown chickens are loved all over the world for their peaceful demeanor and even temperament. These chickens don’t mind being handled, making them great backyard pets and birds that easily blend in with existing flocks.

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Quick Facts about Lohmann Brown Chickens

Breed Name:Lohmann Brown
Place of Origin:Germany
Uses:Egg production
Rooster (Male) Size:6.0–8.5 pounds
Hen (Female) Size:4.0–4.5 pounds
Egg Color:Brown
Egg Size:Large to extra large
Climate Tolerance:All climates
Care Level:Easy
Egg Productivity:High

Lohmann Brown Chicken Origins

The Lohmann Brown chicken breed was developed in Germany in the early 1930s by a genetics firm called Lohmann Tierzucht. It was bred from meticulously selected brown egg-laying hens with New Hampshire chickens.

This chicken breed is one of the oldest hybrids that’s still very popular today. Once you’ve become familiarized with this breed, you’ll understand its unwavering popularity as it’s a good egg producer and a relatively easy breed to raise.

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Image Credit: Palexa, Shutterstock

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Lohmann Brown Chicken Characteristics

The Lohmann Brown is an attractive bird with a medium build and a dense, orange-brown plumage with some cream-colored highlights. This chicken has a long neck, a small head with a typical red comb, short tail feathers, and yellow legs. These calm chickens are intelligent, friendly, and eager for human attention.

Lohmann Brown chickens are confident rather than flighty and a breed that thrives in mixed flocks. They are active but not aggressive and adapt well to any environment. They can be raised in both free-range and caged conditions for egg production.

Long considered one of the friendliest, most inquisitive, and most approachable chicken breeds, the Lohmann Brown lives a long time, with the average lifespan of this breed being 10 years. However, don’t expect eggs for that length of time, as aging Lohmann Brown hens lay fewer eggs than their younger counterparts.

If you’re on the hunt for a friendly, easy-to-care-for chicken breed that produces lots of big eggs, the Lohmann Brown may be ideal for you. This chicken can live just as happily in a big mixed flock as it can on a small farm where it’s kept as an egg-producing pet.

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Image Credit: Eternidad, Shutterstock


Lohmann Browns are raised primarily for eggs. However, some people keep these chickens as family pets because of their easy-going temperament and gentle nature. Lohmann Browns aren’t typically raised for their meat because, like other egg-laying breeds, the meat of these birds is tougher with less nutritional value than chickens raised for meat.

Appearance & Varieties

There are four varieties of Lohmann Brown chickens including:

  • Lohmann Brown Classic
  • Lohmann Brown Lite
  • Lohmann Brown Plus
  • Lohmann Brown Extra

All four varieties of Lohmann Browns share the same basic physical characteristics with some slight differences in size. The main differences between these varieties are based on egg size and production. For example, the Lohmann Brown Lite has all the same characteristics as the Lohmann Brown Classic, but the Lohmann Brown Lite produces smaller and fewer eggs.

While the Lohmann Brown is an attractive bird with its orange-brown feathers with light speckles, it’s not one of the most beautiful chickens in the world. In fact, Lohmann Browns are very typical-looking chickens of medium size.

Lohmann brown chicken
Image Credit: ABC photographs, Shutterstock


You won’t be hard-pressed to find Lohmann Brown chickens in any developed nation. This breed can be found virtually everywhere due to its excellent egg production and easy care.

Due to this breed’s widespread popularity, it’s easy to find Lohmann Browns for sale. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a pair of Lohmann Brown chickens to keep as family pets or want to buy several chicks to start a flock, you certainly won’t have any problems finding exactly what you’re looking for!

Are Lohmann Brown Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

If you run a small-scale farm and want a big egg producer that’s easy to keep, look no further than the Lohmann Brown chicken! This friendly and gentle-natured chicken can provide you with over 320 eggs each year while charming you with its friendly and calm nature.

These are highly adaptable chickens that are easy to handle. They make great family pets that can get along famously with other pets and small kids alike.

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If you’re looking for a docile and friendly chicken breed to provide you with loads of large eggs, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Lohmann Brown chicken. This is an excellent egg producer that can give you more than 300 eggs annually. The Lohmann Brown also makes an excellent breed for any small-scale farmer looking to start a flock or expand an existing one.

Featured Image Credit: Joanna K-V, Shutterstock