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Conversion Calculators for Aquariums


Quickly find the amount of water that's in your aquarium, all shapes and sizes! Convert water volumes, aquarium temperatures, and water hardness too.

Metric conversion for volume and temperature measurements as well as conversion for hardness equivalents. The aquarium volume calculator will let you quickly determine how much water your aquarium holds, whether it is a rectangular tank, a hexagon, or a round aquarium.

The other quick calculators will help you convert water amounts between liters and gallons, aquarium temperatures between celsius and fahrenheit, and water hardness too.


Liter to Gallon Conversion - Aquarium Volume Calculator
Rectangular Aquarium
 - Enter the dimensions below -

     US/UK Gallons         OR      Liters
Length - (inches)             (cm)
Width  - (inches)             (cm)
Height -  (inches)             (cm)


US gallons:             Liters:
UK gallons:

Cylindrical   Aquarium
- Enter the dimensions below -

      US/UK Gallons        OR     Liters
Diameter - (Inches)       (cm)
Height  -    (Inches)       (cm)


US gallons:             Liters:
UK gallons:

Hexagonal - Six Sided Aquarium
 - Enter the dimensions below -

             US/UK Gallons           OR      Liters
Width of 1 side    (Inches)        (cm)
Height  -              (Inches)        (cm)


US gallons:                  Liters:
UK gallons:

Fahrenheit - Centigrade

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion - Temperature Conversion

- Temperature  -

Fahrenheit - (degrees)  =Centigrade - (degrees)


Water Hardness - dKH - PPM - meq/l

Measurements Conversion for Hardness Equivalents

- Carbonate hardness  -

dKH = Parts per Million =Milliequivalents per liter


US Gallon - UK Gallon - Liter

Liter to Gallon Conversions

US Gal:        <- To ->      Liters:

US Gal:        <- To -> UK Gal.  

UK Gal:      <- To ->      Liters:

Pint:            <- To ->       Liters:

Quart:         <- To ->       Liters:

Drops:        <- To ->  Milliliters:

Teaspoon:   <- To -> Milliliters:

Tablespoon: <- To -> Milliliters:

Fluid Ounce: <- To -> Milliliters: