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Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.  osru

   Hornwort is a good plant for aquariums with plant eating fish, since the hard leaves do not taste so good!

A rootless plant, Hornwort can be kept floating at the top of the aquarium or buried in the gravel to suit your taste. If you bury Hornwort in the substrate, the Hornwort stems are held in the gravel by root-like organs called rhizoids. The stems will branch off to form nice thickets for fish and especially fry to retreat into. Be careful with it however, because it breaks easily and many of the pieces can become their own plants. Hornwort is an easy plant to care for since

Hornwort can be kept in many aquarium environments, such as coldwater aquariums and tropical aquariums. It is a great aquarium plant for all levels of experienced aquarists. It is also readily available at fish stores or online.

For more Information on keeping a planted aquarium see:
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Distribution:    Hornwort are found worldwide.

Water conditions:    Temperature: 50-77° F (10-25° C)
   pH: 6.5 - 7.5
   dCH: 5-15°

   Light level: Medium

Propagation:    Cuttings and side shoots.

Availability:    Hornwort is readily available.

Author: Jasmine Brough
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osru - 2006-05-11
Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.

Bil - 2006-10-07
Hornwort is a great plant very easy to care for and it reproduces by itself. A good plant for fry to hide in. But beware usually it brings friends like snails to your tank. Everytime we get some hornwort we are plagued with pond snails you'll see a few and then a week later there is about 50 snails in there. The hornwort grows fast like cabomba and still gets pecked at by the mollies especially fry mollies. I have all kinds of baby fry in my hornwort. A very good all around plant for the aquarium and it does shed its leaves but the decaying matter turns into algae for the pleco. For beginners this is the best plant for you.

Michael Brown - 2011-11-27
I have just got 2 bunches of hornwort and floated them I use flora boost too once a week all my other plants are doing well hope the hornwort does the same hope to get some advice? thank you

cindy collins - 2010-11-28
My fish (angelfish....they never die ) However I bought hornwort plant which was healthy and green when I got it and it fell to pieces in less than 2 weeks .. What's the secret to growing it?

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-02
    I have had the same experience ..I think some medication and even salt might affect its growth. Fertilization is a must for it sucks a lot of the nutrients to grow.
    I am inclined to try it again and see how it fairs . Copper meds can kill it within hours I read...so if they can grow it so can I...good luck
  • Eliza Platy Breeder - 2011-01-15
    I have had this problem with elodea and hornwort. I have found the best thing to do is keep the pH at about 7-7.4, have some fertilizer handy, make sure you condition your water if you use tap (you can buy Stress Coat at Walmart for about five bucks) and clip off the dead parts about every two weeks.
  • bissy grey - 2011-01-19
    Hornwort can be tricky to grow at times but you need to have the water temperature right otherwise it will die! Hornwort is very hardy but sometimes will die if the water is too high or low! The correct water temperature is on the page (: good luck.
  • Gordie - 2011-06-13
    There are none, let it grow and grow and grow