Texel Guinea Pig

Texel Satin Guinea Pig

Family: Caviidae Texel Guinea Pig, Guinea Pig PicturesCavia porcellusPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy Brooke
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I am looking to purchase one/twoTexel guinea pigs. Please email back if you have any for sale/adoption.   Arabella

   For the Texel Guinea PIg, very curly and long hair is the order of the day!

  Texel Guinea Pigs have some of the most gorgeous tresses in the animal kingdom. Their curls have won over many a judge at competitions!

   The Texel is arguably one of the most beautiful breeds of Guinea pig. Their unique look has the power to win hearts in a flash. Their friendly and curious personalities are equally admirable, making the Texel a great Guinea pig for a pet or for show.

   The biggest concern when keeping a Texel Guinea Pig as a pet is grooming. All of that luxurious, curly hair requires a substantial amount of work to maintain. Therefore the Texel is not recommended for children, or for adults who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to it.

Guinea Pig Information - Guinea Pig Care
Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Caviidae
  • Genus: Cavia
  • Species: porcellus


   The Texel Guinia Pig is one of the newest guinea pig breeds. It originated in England around 1980, with the crossing of a Rex and a Silkie. Many crosses and several years later, the Texel developed into what it is today. It was later introduced to the United States, and became recognized by the ACBA in 1998.


   The Texel Guinea Pig is similar to a Silkie Guinea Pig, but instead of straight hair, it has curls. The entire body is covered with hair, and it sometimes has a natural part in the center of the back. The face has shorter hair, and there may or may not be longer curls below the ears and lower jawline. The Texel has a short body with a broad, round head.
   Texel's are sometimes found in Satin, which is a coat that is denser and shinier than the regular Texel coat. Satin Texel's are not yet recognized by the ACBA.

Color differences:

   The Texel Guinia Pig comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Any of these are acceptable for show purposes.

Keeping Guinea Pigs:


   Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. This will keep it happy and healthy and ensure a great pet for a long time.

   Guinea pigs need plenty of exercise and they also love to play. You can let them outside or run around in the house for short periods of time under supervision. They love to explore and need at least one hour of supervised 'floor time' every day.

   When picking up a guinea pig make sure you do not grab it only by its shoulders. Just keep in mind when picking your pet up to do it evenly. With your hands, support it's entire body, and be careful not to drop it.

   Guinea pigs are social creatures and will like to have a companion. They are great companions for children.

   Take time to learn what your guinea pig needs, including:

  • housing
  • care and feeding
  • social behaviors
  • activies
  • handling and training
  • breeding guinea pigs
  • baby guinea pigs


   Texel Guinea Pigs are readily available from breeders in many areas. If you can't find any locally, you may be able to locate one online. Prices are usually between $30 and $40.
   Guinea Pigs come in many varieties and are readily available at pet stores, shelters, and rescues. When looking to acquire a pet guinea pig make sure it is a healthy animal. A healthy guinea pig will have brilliant eyes, good sound teeth, and a healthy coat. Any age and either sex will make a good pet, however you should plan to get more than one as they are very social and do best with a companion. Get a same sex pair or you could end up having babies.


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Arabella - 2021-02-19
I am looking to purchase one/twoTexel guinea pigs. Please email back if you have any for sale/adoption.

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carlee - 2011-05-05
This is the cutest hamster that I have EVER seen!

  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-06
    I think they are always cute and so funny.
  • jess - 2012-01-29
    ermm its a guinea pig...
  • scarlett snow - 2012-06-03
    hey im looking for a guinea pig like this one would anyone know?.....and if you think thats a hampster then you have seen some very large hampsters:)and very furry ones at that!
Antonio - 2010-08-27
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