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Animal World Contributors

   Animal-World would like to thank the following contributors for their invaluable expertise and help with Animal World.

button Daniel Maldonado is a breeder of fancy canaries. He has generously allowed use to use photos of some of his most beautiful birds taken in his aviary, including the Parisian Frill Canary and the Belgian Fancy Canary. Daniel is the webmaster of the Bird Bidder website and you can see more of his wonderful photos of many different canary breeds here, in his Bird Bidder Image Gallery. Enjoy!. Thanks so much for sharing Daniel!

button Richard Rolloff, President of the Western Waterslager Club has helped to provide us with a show quality Waterslager Canary. Thank you Richard for your assistance!

button Paul R. Scandlyn, is dedicated to the Roller Canary and has provided us with a photo of one of his stars. Paul is also the president of several roller clubs. If you want to know more about these wonderful song birds, here are some of the clubs Paul recommends: Southern California Roller Canary Club, Northwest Roller Canary Club, Western Roller Canary Association, and Oakland International Roller Canary.

Blehers Discus Book

button Heiko Bleher, has generously contributed pictures of a wild caught Discus and a Millennium Rainbowfish. Thank you Heiko for your enthusiasm and your assistance to Animal-World!

   Heiko is dedicated to freshwater aquarium fish. He has discovered (or recovered) approximately 3,000 aquarium fish species since the 1960's.

   A leading authority on wild discus, Heiko has recently released his new book Bleher’s Discus, Volume one. With over 600 pages that intensively covers all aspects of these fish and their native home. Also now available is the scientific paper Revision of the Genus Symphysodon Heckel, 1840 (Teleostei: Perciformes: Cichlidae) based on molecular and morphological characters.

Visit his website Aquapress Bleher to see these and all his books!

button Mike Evans, a dedicated enthusiast shares the spawning behaviors of his pair of Coral Beauty Angelfish. The photos are truly exciting, be sure to check it out on the Coral Beauty page!

button Elizabeth Lukan Currently contributing expert reef species writeups including the Galaxy Coral and Acropora humilis . Elizabeth Lukan is also the publisher Fish N Chips newsletter - A great place for hobbyist information on the latest happenings in the reef world, product reviews, tips, etc.!

Bill Love - A dedicated reptile enthusiast and professional photographer, Bill has generously allowed us to use his wonderful photos of a variety of herptiles, which include both lizards and turtles. He also shares his knowledge and images by providing speaking/slide show presentations to groups. To learn more about Bill or to contact him, you can visit his website Blue Chameleon Ventures. Thank you Bill for your contributions!

Ken Childs - has generously allowed us to use his wonderful fish photos of a variety of Loaches and Hillstream Loaches! Thank you Ken for your contributions!

Marisa Monaco - shared photos of her gorgeous discus and her pet loaches. See the Blue Discus, the Skunk Loach, and the Clown Loach! - has generously allowed us to use many of their photos for picture representations of the freshwater fish we have provided information on. We greatly appreciate there kind consideration in helping us to build Animal-World!

Cheryl Galloway - "Boots" and Bottoms", the Queen of Barvaria Conures, provided to us by Cheryl, were made famous in a Hagen ad! See them here: Queen of Bavaria Conures!
  Cheryl has been intimately involved with many birds as well as many other exotic pets for many years. She bred large parrots for 10 years, having about 80 breeding pairs. All these birds were her personal domestic pets before putting them into a breeding situation.
  Cherly is a big contributor to Animal-World with care and information as well as photos on a variety of the birds and animals that you will see here. Thanks Cheryl for your photo contributions, and your writing and research contributions!

Exotic Birds Unlimited - Diane has contributed a wonderful picture of "Lola" a female: Cherry-headed or Red-Masked Conure!
"Exotic Birds Unlimited is located in central Iowa and breed birds with a focus on health, temperament, and socialization. We have been breeding and hand raising Parrots for over 5 years now and we are members of Friends and Feathers and The Mid American Cage Bird Society. We currently work with Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Conures, Quakers, and Cockatiels."

Dea Garic - Check out "Yin" and "Yang"! Thanks Dea for contributing these cute guys pictures! Now we have a page about: Gerbils!

Rose - Is from Australia, she sent a bit of information and some wonderful pictures or her pet "Monkey Boy", a: Ringtail Possum!

Robin White - Really helped out! She sent us really cute pictures of "Kisak" and Suki-da" her pet : Short Tailed Opossums!
     She also contributed some really good information on keeping these little critters as pets, see her featured pets: Kisak and Suki-da!

The Bird Guy
  Bruce "The Bird Guy" McGonigal from Honolulu, shares his wonderful birds not only with visitors to Hawaii, but has contributed pictures of 'Precious', his beautiful: Citron-crested Cockatoo

 Bruce invites you to get up-close and personal with the true stars of "The Bird Guy" - the birds! Get your "Photos with Aloha!" There are over 18 individual birds and each one is unique. Thousands of adults and children alike have enjoyed the many different birds and The Bird guy himself. Bruce is a warm, sincere, and friendly person that personifies the Aloho Spirit. He is a proud member of the Hawaii Bird Club.
"The most important thing is to share the expuisite beauty and personality of these animals with anybody who likes to smile or wants to learn about them."

Bruce McGonigal

Jaspal Singh - Sent us a beautiful picture of his pet parakeet Sid. He is a very striking and beautiful: Regent Parakeet!

Stacey Speak - Many thanks to you Stacey for sharing Merlin! Merlin is a: Derbyan Parakeet!

Tweetery - Jamie, owner of "The Tweetery" has contributed several pictures of beautiful birds including a Lilac-crowned Amazon!
“The Tweetery” (using its catch phrase, “This Place Is For The Birds”) opened in June 2004 as a new and rather unique bird store. The store is owned by Jamie Wertz and his friend of over 33 years, Andy Tackett.
    Frank Wertz (a.k.a. Jamie to most of his friends) has owned and operated The Tweetery Aviary out of his home on Queen Anne for over twenty years. Selling his birds and doing several birds shows a year, he has built quite a reputation for the quality and colors of his birds. He primarily raises American and English Budgies (which most people refer to as parakeets), cockatiels, lovebirds, green cheek conures and parrotlets.

George Johnson & Jack Stallard - Sent a wonderful pictures and information on Miss Evan their: Yellow-naped Amazon
They also shared her awesome aviary and pictures of some of her macaw bird friends, see them on her page: Miss Evan

Kym Johnson - Contributed wonderful pictures and great information on their cute Southern Flying Squirrel: Tinkerbell!

Parrot Haven - Lisa Umstead of Parrot Haven has contributed pictures of her beautifull hybrid macaws: "Jaydn" a Milicinth Macaw and "April" a Camelot Macaw. She has also provided pictures of a variety of other birds. Thank you Lisa!

Parrot Haven was developed in July of 1999, as part of the Rescue Operation of Parrot Fancier's Club.

Parrot Haven co-founders Lisa Umstead and husband Dennis Umstead spend time with feathered friends at the bird sanctuary, which is located at their home in Lindenhurst LI. The shelter, which takes in injured and homeless parrots whose owners no longer want them, was developed in July 1999, as part of the rescue operations of the Parrot Fancier’s Club of Amityville. About 20 birds are usually in residence.
Photographer: Xanthos, Julia

Southern Hares Rabbitry - This is a small rabbitry located in De Kalb, Mississippi owned by Scott and Cassie Rudolph. They raise Silver Martens (Black, Blue & Chocolate), Havana's (Black), Mini Rex (White), Holland Lops and we jointly raise Creme d'Argents with Scott's dad and step mom.. Scott is an ARBA Registrar, and has raised rabbits for a better part of 15 years. They have contributed super photos for use on this site, and you can see even more of their rabbits by clicking on each highlighted link above!

Lee Nieuwoudt contributed the picture of African Butterfly fish, and Adorned Wrasse. His site gives firsthand look at the adventures of reefkeeping through his own experience. The site has good information and advice on how to get started. Thanks Lee!

Roy Beckham at contributed wonderful photos of various finches. Visit Roys' site for photos of dozens of different finches, breeding tips, and the eFinch Store.

Chris has provided several photos of rare marine fish and corals.

Deborah Pearson - Is sharing a beautiful Ruby Macaw that she just rescued!

Becca - Contributed pictures of her pretty and friendly little Hahn's Macaw: "Lu"!

Robin Bidwell - Has shared her beautiful White-bellied Caique with us, a subspecies called the: Yellow-thighed Caique!

Andy Sennett - Contributed pictures of his gorgeous Eastern or Golden-mantled Rosella: Betty-boo!

Ron Cloutier - Sent a bit of information and a picture of his champion Red-headed Parrot Finch: "Pavarotti"!

Jeanni Kistler-Davis - Provided some wonderful photos and a bit of information on her: "Yellow-Collared Macaw"!

Crystal McCraine - Sent a bit of information and a picture of her Half-Moon Conure: Lucky!

David Rein Henderson - Sent a picture of his daughter holding their wonderful pet Jenday Conure: Roxy!

Keith Berkelhamer contributed pictures of his magnificent reef. Click here to view his site.

S. Geldman - Pictures and information on his Harlequin Macaw, "Frida".

Cathy Powell
  Cathy has contributed the following articles:
Giving a Cat a Bath.on the cleanest but not necessarily the most cooperative of all pets!
Things that Bad Bunnies should have to write on the chalkboard 100 times! A wonderful description of the funny behaviors of pet bunny rabbits.
  Cathy also sent us wonderful pictures of Attila da Bun, who got the prestigious 11 out of 10 on the Dr. Jungle cuteness meter and pictures of "Pancho", a Chihuahua terrier mix who was featured in November, 1998.

  Thank you Cathy!

Antonio Bunderos
   What a surprise to get a letter from a bunny! A letter to the editor about loving and caring for bunnies, Bunnies need a lifetime of love and attention, 1998. Talks about responsible pet ownership from the bunnys' point of view. (Actually Dr. Jungle always knew that rabbits could talk).

Pictures and information on the Brown-banded Cat Shark have been provided by Callie Mathews: Banded Cat Shark Thanks Callie!

Cindy - Sent pictures and information about her White-eyed Conure: Cosmo!

Patrick Marshall - Developed the freshwater fish disease and treatment section.

Seth Weintraub:  Great photos of the Mandarin Goby, Velvet Wrasse, and more!

Vicki Seaman:  Thanks for the wonderful description of the common Parakeets!  Vicki runs an aquarium service here in Ridgecrest and  has spent most of her life in some sort of pet related industry.  She is very knowledgeable and her expertise is much appreciated here.   Thanks!

Kathy Jinkings - Thank you very much Kathy, the Bristle-nose Catfish pictures you provided are awesome! See them on the catfish  Genus: Ancistrus page.

Jacque Dumas - The Outback Menagerie Photos and information on Angora Rabbits. Information provided by the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club.

Red Rose Rabbitry

Red Rose Rabbitry - located in Fort Worth, Texas. Specializing in Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits and bunnies. James & Rosemary of RedRose provided the beautiful pictures of the different kinds of Holland Lop.

John Rice - One of the finest reef sites on the net. Great photos, great aquariums, lots of information.  John provided many of the finer reef and marine fish photos. See feature on homepage. Here is a list of Johns' photos: Chevron Tang, Pair of Tangs, Purple Tang, Blue Tang, Sailfin Tang, Sohal Tang, Acropora(3), BirdsnestMerulina, Encrusting Fire Coral, Montipora,  ... more to come. To put it simply, we can't thank John enough!

Dennis Schneider - Featured Reef aquarium, a 5 year old reef that is one of the finest we've seen.

Kristy- Photos of Larry and Joey her male and female Alexandrine Parakeets, and  Thorn, her Sun Conure just after his first moult.


Affan Dagasan, from Sweden - Photos of his male Pintail Whydah, a beautiful finch indeed!

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