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Tangarine Ringneck DoveTangarine Ringneck DovePhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy David Brough

   Dove and Pigeon keeping goes back as far as recorded history and they inhabit the entire world, exept the polar regions!

   Doves and pigeons are universal symbols of peace, love, and tranquility throughout recorded history. From Noah to today's peace negotiations, writers, poets, and artists have used the dove and pigeon to embody these ideals. Familiar images are the white dove carrying an olive branch, doves on wedding announcements, and as emblems on peace slogans.

   Doves and pigeons have a dignified charm and an intriging though subtle personality. They can be a great companion bird as they are exceptionally neat making very little seed mess, extremely gentle and devoted, and one of the least expensive pets. They are generally easy to breed and are extremely hardy, in an aviary they are very possibly the hardiest birds.

For more information about the care of Doves and Pigeons see:
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Doves - Pigeons
Doves and Pigeons are some of the cleanest and quietest birds to keep!
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