You have probably seen this dog in a variety of places including the workplace. German Shepherds are work dogs with a noble German heritage.


This dog has its origins in Germany. As the name suggests, they are descended from herding dogs – sheepdogs from the German mountain regions. There these dogs have long hair, short hair and wire hair varieties.

The dog was popular in the early 1900’s due to the strict breeding and training tactics of a man named Captain Max Von Stephanitz. After World War II this changed as people had associated the dog with the infamous leader Adolph Hitler. British breeders adopted the dog and gradually changed its name to try and bring back the popularity but without the stigmatic associations.

This breed is popular in America and has been for years. They are known for their fearlessness, strength, intelligence and obedience.

german shepherd dog in the forest
Image Credit: Osetrik, Shutterstock


To look at them, you may think that they will bite your leg off, but this dog actually has a loyal and protective quality. In the home with young children, they are loving and gentle, requiring constant interaction with their families. They are also good with other animals in the home.

Because this is a pack dog, it is important to establish who the “alpha dog” is right away. They will assume that position if their master is timid or inconsistent in behavior in any way. From then on, you will have a problem with discipline unless you step up and show that you are in control.

Because of their fearlessness, they make good service dogs. You may have seen them in the K-9 unit as police dogs. Many use them as guard dogs and watchdogs. Disability services also train them to be guide dogs for the visually, hearing or mentally impaired.


This dog is a heavy shedder. It can have a long, short or wire coat. His coat is medium length, straight but coarse or rough feeling to the touch. It is also dense and thicker in the winter. His coat can come in a variety of colors including tan and black, solid black, black and cream and black and silver.

For best results, use a dog rake on their hair daily. This removes loose hairs and can minimize shedding. Refrain from bathing (once or twice a year at most) as this can remove helpful oils from their skin and hair.

German Shepherds are prone to a few diseases. For that reason, regular vet visits are recommended. They may develop: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eczema, epilepsy, digestive issues and flea allergies.

german shepherd dog lying in the grass
Image Credit: Barat Roland, Shutterstock


As we said, this pack dog needs to know who is boss right away. They are highly intelligent and respond to firm training and a reward system. They excel at agility, obedience, tracking and schutzhund. When exercising, keep them on a short leash beside or behind you.

Are you looking for a family dog that is also a great protector and worker? Try the German Shepherd. To read more on these dogs as pets, check out Animal-World’s German Shepherd Dog page!

Featured Image Credit: Anna Dudkova, Unsplash