The Brecon Buff Goose is one of the few geese varieties to develop from the UK. Unlike many wild geese, the Brecon Buff Goose is completely domesticated and makes a great goose pet.

All the while, the goose is very hardy, able to take care of itself, and produces both eggs and meat for consumption. In other words, Brecon Buff Geese are perfect for small-scale farms since they are pleasant to be around and perfect for egg and meat production.

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Quick Facts about Brecon Buff Goose

Breed Name:Brecon Buff
Place of Origin:United Kingdom (Wales)
Uses:Pets, eggs, meat
Gander (Male) Size:7.3-9.1 kg
Geese (Female) Size:6.3-8.2 kg
Color:Buff, pink beak and feet
Lifespan:20-25 years
Climate Tolerance:All climates
Care Level:Beginner to intermediate
Production:Eggs, meat

Brecon Buff Goose Origins

The Brecon Buff Goose was created sometime in the late 1920s or early 1930s by the Welshman Rhys Llewellyn. It is believed that the goose was developed by breeding buff geese from a local flock with an Embden male gander.

Though we know Brecons were bred before, 1934 is the first year that true-breeding was reported for Brecon Buff Geese, and it wasn’t until 1954 that they were accepted as a species into the British Poultry Standards. Today, the Brecon Buff Goose is still primarily found in the UK, but it makes a great bird for small-scale farms everywhere.

BrEcOnBUFFpair (Image Credit: Breconbuffbreeder, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)

Brecon Buff Goose Characteristics

The Brecon Buff Goose is a domestic waterfowl that is very hardy and temperate around people. It is one of the few geese breeds that originate from the UK and still has many purposes today.

Oddly enough, Brecon Buff Geese can look after themselves and they’re young while still being pleasant around people. In fact, this goose variety is one of the few that actually makes really great pets due to its temperate nature.

At the same time, Brecon Buff Geese are hardy enough that they can withstand most temperatures. They are also known to take care of themselves, as long as they are offered safety against foxes and other predators.

In addition to acting as pets, Brecon Buff Geese are good egg layers, and the females are particularly broody. Their plump body also means that they make a good food source for small farms and families.


Today, Brecon Buff Geese are primarily only used on small-scale farms in the UK. They are often raised for meat production and egg production. Many farmers prefer these geese because they are very broody and make good pets at the same time.

Appearance & Varieties

Brecon Buff Geese have a completely buff plumage. In many ways, the Brecon Buff Goose is similar to the American Buff Goose. However, the Brecon Buff Goose is slightly smaller than the American variety.

Most Brecon Buff Goose ganders weigh between 7.3 and 9.1 kilograms, and the geese counterparts weigh between 6.3 and 8.2 kilograms.

Another difference between the Brecon Buff Goose and the American Buff Goose is the color of their beak and feet. The characteristic color for Brecon Buff Goose is pink, although orange is the dominant color.

What this means is that the pink bill must be specifically bred to create the classic Brecon Buff Goose. If the goose has an orange bill, it is simply considered a utility buff goose, not a Brecon Buff Goose.


Even though the Brecon Buff Goose is loved by many people, it is technically considered a rare breed in comparison to other breeds. Because it is domestic, you won’t find these geese out in the wild. Instead, you will only find them on small-scale farms. It is unknown how many there are in total.

Because the Brecon Buff Goose is native to the UK, you’re most likely to find these geese at UK farms. Still, you can find them in other parts of the world, but they are simply rarer. In America, it is more likely to find the American Buff Goose instead.


Are Brecon Buff Geese Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Brecon Buff Geese make great additions to small-scale farms. Not only will they get along great with your other animals and family members, but they reliably produce eggs and meat too.

If you are interested in getting a Brecon Buff Goose, you will most likely have to look for a specialty breeder. Since these geese aren’t as common as other breeds, they can be a bit more expensive and difficult to find.

Despite these drawbacks, Brecon Buff Geese make great additions to small-scale farms because of their docile nature, independence, plump bodies, and brooding nature.

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