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Aquariums - fish care and information - feeding fish
Saltwater Aquariums   Freshwater Aquariums

*Quick Guide to a
Salt Water Aquarium Set-up


*Quick Guide to a
Freshwater Aquarium Set-up

Fish Diseases   Feeding Baby Fish
  • Fish Diseases- (Fresh & Saltwater)
    The most common fish diseases are listed here.

  • Diagnoses and Treatment
    .A table of contents is provided along with a diagnostic chart with links to appropriate medications.
Mini Reef Aquariums - Coral Care and Information

Exotic Pet Bird Care and Information
  • Basic Bird Care
    Learn about your pet bird, and make the most of your enjoyment with it by providing your pet with what it needs to be happy, healthy and fun!
  • African Grey Parrots
    Members of this family are the best talkers of all the exotic birds.
  • Amazon Parrots
    Amazon parrots are highly intelligent birds, very outgoing and renowned talkers.They adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary.
  • Budgies (parakeets)
    The parakeet, or Budgerigar, belongs to the family of true parrots, which explains why the parakeet is relatively adept at learning to talk.
  • Caiques
    The lovely ruffled looking white breast and belly of the caiques gave rise to the name 'Caique' from its resemblance to a full-dress white shirt with a ruffled front.
  • Canaries
    Well domesticated as pets, canaries are some of the most fascinating little birds! They are active, cheerful, beautiful, and have a delightfully lovely song!
  • Cockatiels
    Cockatiels are about as close to the perfect pet as you can get! With their happy personality and easygoing nature, these attractive little parrots will soon win you over, lavishing you with love and attention!
  • Cockatoos
    Cockatoos are extremely affectionate, their feathers are very soft, and they are gorgeous!....on top of that, they are very intelligent and very inquisitive birds!
  • Conures
    Conures make delightful pets... because they are so intelligent, affectionate, and comical!
  • Eclectus
    The lovely Eclectus parrots are attractive and intelligent birds. They are real show stoppers with their beautiful, vibrant coloration!
  • Finches
    There are hundreds of finches. They have been enjoyed as pets all over the world, with some having been domesticated for over 500 years!
  • Lories
    Lorikeets can be very good talkers and are known for having super personalities.
  • Lovebirds
    Lovebirds are one of the most fascinating little parrots! They are active, cheerful and beautifully decorative!
  • Macaws
    Macaws are one of the most colorful and strikingly beautiful birds of the parrot family. Because of their great beauty and engaging personalities, they are a favorite pet among bird lovers and have been kept for centuries.
  • Meyers Parrots
    The Meyer's Parrot is a small bird that is very attractive and intelligent!
  • Pionus Parrots
    Members of the Pionus family make some of the best pets of all the exotic birds. Many consider them to be the ideal all-around family pet.
  • Rosellas
    The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
  • Senegal Parrots
    Senegals are much quieter birds than many of the smaller, more colorful and popular parrots like the conures in the Aratinga genus. For this reason they make ideal pets for apartment or condominium living.
Cat Breeds Care and Information
  • Natural Breed Cats
    Learn about your distinctive breed of cat and make the most of your enjoyment! Each breed is associated with a specific area or geographic location, and has evolved over long periods of time through generations of inbreeding, termed "breeding true".
  • Hybrid Cats
    Hybrid Cats have great appeal for their uniquely developed features. These cats are similar to mutations but are developed by human involvement to achieve a particular body style, coat, or other feature.
  • Cat Mutations
    Each of these wondergul cats is enjoyed for an unusual and distinctive genetic characteristic or mutation. Mutation breeds do not have an ancient history.
  • Exotic Cats
    These unique cats have a significantly different lineage than the common cat Felis domesticus, and are of different genus and species. Many are a cross between a wild and a domestic cat.
  • Tortoiseshell Pattern Cats
    The Tortoiseshell coat pattern is a classic, your cat will have the appearance of a three-toned cat! Two popular variations of the tortoiseshell coat pattern are the Torbie and the Calico
  • Tabby Pattern Cats
    If you have a Tabby Cat, your cat has one of the most popular coat patterns. There are five tabby patterns which include Mackerel Tabby, Blotched Tabby, Spotted Tabby, Ticked Tabby, and Patched Tabby.
Dog Breeds Care and Information
  • Herding Dog Breeds
    You will find your Herding Dog makes an excellent pet that respond well to training, though it may try to 'herd' the kids! These intelligent dogs were primarily used on farms to guard and move livestock.
  • Hound Dog Breeds
    Like the 'everyready battery', your Hound Dog will have stamina to burn, and then want to go some more! Primarily used for hunting. these dogs hunt either by sight or by sound.
  • Mixed Dog Breeds
    Mixed dog breeds are very popular because they often have a combination of desirable traits. These are hybrids, crossbreeds, or 'designer' dogs that are more newly developed and may not yet qualify for dog registries
  • Non-Sporting Dog Breeds
    A fun bunch of dogs, this group is highly variable, kind of like a 'box of chocolates'. The Non-Sporting Dogs are diverse in backgrounds and original use, and each type has a different size, coat, personality, and overall appearance.
  • Sporting Dog Breeds
    Consisting of pointers, setters, spaniels and retrievers, the Sporting Dogs are friendly attentive companions, but they are active. Bred to hunt, they enjoy hunting or other vigorous activities, and have strong water and nature instincts.
  • Terrier Dog Breeds
    Your Terrier Dog will be peppy and tenatious. Originally developed to hunt and kill vermin, dig out prey or burrow into dens, they are feisty and energetic. They often having little tolerance for other pets or dogs.
  • Toy Dog Breeds
    Bred as a house pet and often kept as a companion to royalty, these little dogs make great apartment pets and lap pets. Despite their tiny size, they are pretty tough, and often have a vigorous bark.
  • Working Dog Breeds
    Working dog breeds have been used to aid humans for generations. At different times they would guard estates and livestock, pull carts and sleds, serve in war, and most notably act as rescue dogs. They are large and strong, so do need proper training.
Small Animal Care and Information
  • Basic Small Animal Care
    Learn about your Small Animal Pet, and make the most of your enjoyment with it by providing what it needs to be happy, healthy and fun!
  • Chinchillas
    Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
  • Ferrets
    Ferrets are extremely playful, very curious, love to go exploring, and love to play games.
  • Gerbils
    Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "gerbils" are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world. The gerbil is one of the sweetest natured of ALL the rodent pets!
  • Guinea Pigs
    The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
  • Hamsters
    Hamsters are nocturnal, so 90% of their waking hours are at night when the cage is dark. If you provide them with a wheel, they will run up to 8 miles per night!
  • Hedgehogs
    They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle! These adorable little hedgehogs make the perfect apartment pet!
  • Mice
    Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets". The common mouse is a curious little creature that makes a very interesting companion.
  • Rabbits
    Rabbits are an all time favorite! People are attracted to bunnies because of their quiet sweet dispositions, soft cuddly fur, and small size.
  • Raccoons
    Racoons are a pet that requires a lot of attention (to keep them out of trouble?), but if given the right environment are lots of fun to keep. They are extremely smart, active, and curious animals.
  • Rats
    Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
    Rats are easy to house and feed, and are mostly odorless. They are inexpensive, small, and have lovable personalities.
  • Pet Squirrels
    Squirrels are small mammals found all over the world, especially in wooded areas. Although these critters are generally not pets, they are fascinating little creatures that can make interesting companions.
  • Sugar Gliders
    Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees!

Amphibian - Reptile Care
  • Reptile Care - Amphibian Care
    Herptiles of all sorts: Snakes, Lizards, Amphibians, Turtles, and Arachnids.   Learn about your herp and make the most of your enjoyment with it by providing what it needs to be happy, healthy, and fun!
  • Choosing Your Pet Snake
    Snakes are attractive and intriguing to watch as they make their way gracefully around their enclosure!
  • Choosing Your Pet Lizard
    With approximately 3000 distinct species of lizard, it is not surprising that there are so many pet lizards available!
  • Lizard Families
    Most families are groups of varied lizards tied together by anatomical similarities. There are approximately 20 groups or families of lizards. Many of the more common species of lizard are listed under each family.
  • Choosing Your Turtle - Tortoise
    Of all the reptiles, turtles and tortoises are the all time favorite for most people. With few exceptions they make harmless and appealing pets. They adapt well in captivity and with proper care can live a long time!
  • Box Turtle Care
    Box turtles are among the most popular, beautiful, and interesting of all turtles...and they have been on earth for thousands of years!
  • Invertebrate Care
    Scorpions, Tarantulas, Spiders, Hermit Crabs,Tailless Whipscorpions, Centipedes. Learn about your land invertebrate to make the most of your enjoyment by providing what it needs to be happy, healthy, and fun!
  • Centipede Care
    Though the name 'centipede' means '100 legs', most don't have nearly that many and some have significantly more! Along with the most venomous species of scorpions, centipedes are probably the most cringe-worthy (and potentially dangerous) of the invertebrates.
Horse Breeds Care and Information
  • Light Horses
    Information and Horse Care
    Warmblood and Hot Blooded Horse Breeds
  • Draft Horses
    Heavy Horse Information and Horse Care for Draft Horse Breeds
  • Ponies
    Miniature horses known as Ponies
    Information and Horse Care For Pony Breeds

  • Horse History
    Evolution of the Horse, Equus caballus
  • Horse Class
    Classification of the Modern Horse
    Characteristics of a Horse
    Horse Training developed from Horse Origin