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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Liz K - 2010-05-13
I just got my rat Reggie a couple weeks ago. He's very timid and I thought after a while he would get used to his surrounding but he still hasn't. Whenever I take him out, he starts sneezing in fright. Unfourtunately, he's gotten kind of fat from lack of excercise. I got him a wheel and a ball to run in, but he's too scared to use them. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help him adjust?

Ramprasad - 2016-10-01
I need a rat for pet.kindly help me with that. Thank you

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  • Aubree Erdley - 2017-06-09
    well i know it sounds weird but i got my pet dumbo rats off of craigslist
    but before that when i was searching for a pet rat i looked ALL over at different places
Amelia Donaldson - 2015-03-02
PLEASE HELP! sometimes my 9 mounth old rat mia, has a little red crust near her eye, and her fur is shaggy and a little unkept, this is weird because she always grooms and never sneezes

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-03-02
    It's very common for rats to get a red crust around their eyes when they are nervous, eyes are irritated, or they are sick. A rough coat can be from the same thing. The red crust is a natural discharge from the eye, probably porphorin, and can be removed with a damp cloth. Something may be stressing your rat out, or their may be some dust or other irritant in its habitat.
marenne - 2013-01-18
my rat needs to be put down and we cant afford a vet a fellow rat lover said give them deadly food but are there any foods that can kill a rat without makeing it suffer

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-18
     If you can't here's a very humane way (which is arguably more humane than the euthanasia shot)

    Its called a CO2 (carbon dioxide) chamber. take a small, airtight box or bowl, a small cup with a good bit of baking soda and another cup of vinegar. say goodbye to your rat, and put him in the box. put the cup in as well, and pour in the vinegar. shut the box tightly, and leave it alone for 20-30 minutes. then remove the lid and bury your rat
  • Amelia Donaldson - 2015-03-02
    I think you should give him to a responsable person who can own a pet! Shame on you!
Krissy - 2013-08-04
I have owned rats for several years now. Plenty of then have had litters. The rats I have now, are two females and one male. One of the females had a litter of around 9 kittens, they are about a week old. She is taking very well care of them and I am treating to her as she isn't in the cage with the others. But I have a very concerning question, one of the 9 kittens is very tiny, I have seen plenty of baby rats, but never one that small, and considering it's still the same size as it was the day it was born, is very nerve raking, only thing is, is it seems to be very healthy, she's a trooper! Burries right in with all the other bigger rats, she moves a lot. I have been keeping a close eye on her. But I'd like to know if this is normal? And what are the chances of her being okay and a healthy rat ?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-22
    It sounds like she is doing well so far for being the runt! If she makes it to weaning, and seems healthy, she should have no problems living a healthy and happy adult life. There is nothing wrong with a small rat, I have had plenty of them!
  • Diane Dennie - 2013-10-01
    I think just like any other species of animal, often there is a runt.  Until the runt gets older it is hard to tell if there is a birth defect that will shorten its life.  All you can do is hope and pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. If she lives to be 2 or three months she will probably do fine.  Remember a rats average life span is only 3 years old due to being predisposed for cancer. I have had one live close to 6 years but I was lucky.  I had a 1 year old begin to get tumors. I had them removed.  Right when she healed she began to grow more rumors.  I couldn't stand to see her suffer so I had her put to sleep.  I agree rats are the smartest of all rodents.  I currently have a male that is almost a year old who is part hooded and part Rex. He is a very nervous little guy there I am having a hard time teaching him tricks but we still love him.  I also have cats. Years ago I taught a girl that if she was on my lap and saw a cat, she would run down my shirt for protection.  If I saw the cat first I made a curtain noise and again she would run for cover.  How many other rodents would be that smart.

    Good luck to you and your little rat family.  Diane
  • Amelia Donaldson - 2015-03-02
    I think you should first, quarintine the baby rattie, as her/him brother's and sisters might eat it, then take it to a vet
karen - 2014-10-17
can a pet rat make a great companion for my 5 month old squirrel

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  • Amelia Donaldson - 2015-03-02
    NO! your rat or squirrel will kill each other, ( I think the squirrel would win ) and then eat the dead rat. However, squirrels love fellow squirrels.
anthony - 2006-03-01
I have owned a couple of rats over the past few years and I will admit that they both have proven more inteligent than my yellow lab. If you spend a couple hours with them everyday out of the cage, they can be trained to be free in a room or even a house (with consideration to hazards,) to roam free. I had much more time with my first, I let him roam free on my desk at work, and he would try to wrestle my fingers and pencil when I was doing my homework. Very personable, very playful.

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  • Brianne Coatsworth - 2014-11-20
    I am very interested in getting these rats for my disabled 12 year old girl.
Stacey - 2014-02-02
I bought my daughter two male rats late July 2013, one hairless which was 1 month and a white one which was 3 months. Took them to the vet 2 weeks later once I found a vet that took exotic pets. They got a clean bill of health. On Thursday around 5pm I went to do my daily cleaning of the cage, change the liter pan daily and feed them and fresh water, I notice the hairless which is Rascal was just laying in his hut. This is not normal for him because we call him our hyper boy. He was cold as ice, tried warming him up with heating pad and took him to the vet on Friday. The vet couldn't tell if he had phenomena she would have to get an x- Ray and she said that was not a guarantee account of rats can't hold there breath and he is to sick to sedate. So she gave me medicine for Rascal that was sick and for Ratouille to take as well for 2 weeks. Rascal died Saturday 2/1/14 and my daughter was so upset. I put him in the cage for his buddy to see he had passed but he didn't seem to care he just wanted out to play. Ratatouille is showing no signs and I am a little bit worried on getting another friend for him because I don't want him to get sick. I am not looking to have Rats forever, thought this would be a great first pet for my daughter . If I get a young rat I would be facing with that one being alone after Ratatouille passes and if I try to get an older rat and they don,t get along then I am face with 2 rats being alone. I have the critter nation 3 story cage which I can pull up one of the ladders and it turns out to be 2 cages. So my question is what would be the best for ratatouille with out investing in another cage and can I quarantine in the bath room tub? Please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-02
    I'm so sorry to hear about Rascal, a tradgedy for you all. It sounds like your vet wasn't sure what the problem was, so I would probably give Ratouille a couple of weeks before I introduced another friend, if you decide to do that. It could be that he is fine. They are very social and do like a companion. They also have a short life-span, 2-3 years, so that's the length of time you would have these pets.
  • Stacey - 2014-02-03
    Thank you, he is on the meds for 2 weeks. What age of a new male should I try to introduce to an 8 month old? Ratatouille is very friendly and playful.
  • Stacey - 2014-02-03
    Thank you, he is on the meds for 2 weeks. What age of a new male should I try to introduce to a 8 month old? Ratatouille is very friendly and playful.
Jordan Kimball - 2013-12-12
I have had 2 rats sense mothers day of 2013. But sadly last night my pet fancy rat died. Her name was 'Cupcake.' She started to lose a lot of wight in only 2 days. Then when i picked it up i think i may have touched the back of its legs and it bit me for about 30 seconds. And if i am going to tell you something right its that rats have SHARP teeth! I went to the doctors today and they had to give me a shot because of it. So take this as a tip: Do not touch the rat to much when it cant move or it will BIT because or how much it is in pain. So she passed this morning, on December 12 2013. And when we bought it we had to buy the sister to so now the other rat is really lonely so we are getting another one! I love Fancy Rats! They will cuddle with you more than any hamster would any day! And i am so attached to them so i am really sad that she is gone. :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-12
    I'm so sorry about your lose, but happy that you will get Cupcake's sister a new companion. They really do like a friend! They are so very smart that they cuddle more than any hamster and are some of the most personable pets. And you're right, they do have very sharp teeth, I have had gotten a couple bites and quickly learned how to avoid them:)
Luca - 2012-06-12
I love rats. They are so adorable! Rats have many different personalities(ex: my rats hazel is very active and likes to explore but gravity is more shy and will just cuddle up with you). Just wanna say that rats make adorable pets and I highly recommend them as pets.

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  • Michael - 2012-11-25
    Are rats really good pets? Everyone says they are just disgusting little smelly things, is it true? I mean I am kinda scared of them, but some are kinda cute though. But the ones that i think are really disgusting and gross and that i have a HUGE fear of is the sewer rats, or those wild rats that have rabies!! They scare me!!
  • Steph - 2012-11-30
    Rats are great pets. Wild rats are different then pet rats. Just like a wild cat is a lot different then a pet cat. Pet rats are definitely not disgusting animals. They clean themselves and are very intelligent. I love rats as pets, you'll also come to realize each have their own individual personality.
  • brian sigmon - 2012-12-06
    I am wanting a pet rat.. If you could call me with places to get one I would be extremly happy! My number is 828-302-5691