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   The Flemish Giant Rabbit can be quite large, even when it's not stretched out in a leisurely pose!
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Larson - 2014-10-30
these rabbits are not purebred because they're papers were never finished but they are very nice rabbits we would like 25 dollars each we have brown white and black.

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  • Sue Reilly - 2014-11-07
    Do you still have the Flemish Giants? Where are you located? I have a white Flemish with blue eyes (Sapphire). I would love to have another. I am an experienced rabbit owner (over 25 years). All of my rabbits are kept in the house with lots of outdoor playtime during the day. Generally, I spoil them rotten!
  • Adaeze - 2020-04-17
    Please I need Flemish gaint rabbits and black giant how can I get it and how much
shannon rowell - 2017-10-07
How much for giant rabbit? Where are u located ? We are in Oklahoma

Fadada agritech - 2017-09-21
I need a buck and two young adult breeding family of full breed Flemish giant rabbits

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  • Fadada agritech - 2017-09-21
    I need a buck and two doe, young adult breeding family of pure breed giant Flemish rabbit.
Lekan - 2017-06-04
I need flemish giant rabbit to buy

Lekan - 2017-06-22
Pls I need flemish giant rabbits

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  • Rabbit breeder - 2017-07-28
    I am a breeeder in lagos State i have diffrent types of rabbits breed if you are interested call 09029411626 Or whatsapp me on 09029411626
Ugochukwu Mbakwe - 2016-07-26
I'm looking for pure Flemish giant rabbits to buy in Nigeria

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  • Kateregga Julius - 2020-08-13
    I need a pure Flemish giant rabbit, I need two The male and the female but I need the youngones
Terronae - 2016-04-01
Looking for to buy a Flemish bunny

David - 2015-09-29
need a breeder who has flemish giant breed of rabbit . i am in nigeria

Jubreel Azeez Adekunle - 2015-04-01
I want to buy flemish giant. I live in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

jean jacobs - 2014-02-05
Hi, I'm from joburg south africa, wana know how can I get hold off the breeders of german gaint rabbits.if any one can help me plz leave me a email, thanx.

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  • Hannes Groenewald - 2014-04-03
    Did you get hold of breeders in South africa? I am also looking for breeders if you can help.