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   The delicate sleek Brittania Petite Rabbits have a sparkle in their eye, are full of energy, and can be a very playful pet!
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Rozette - 2015-01-31
I just adopted a Brittania Petite bunny Christmas Eve, of 2014. My Foster Children and I named her Angel. She was7 weeks old at the time and weighed 1.1 lb. She is our first pet, and she's black and white spotted! We purchased her from Petland and with all the accessories to boot! as well as a cage that could house several more. She has took control of the house, from top to bottom, hops up on the furniture, runs circles around us and is a little precious fur ball she enjoys my organic kale, eats it all up from me, and chopped baby carrots, and chopped Apple's, as well as her Timothy Hay, but is very particular about just eating the small flower petals only! She won't let us hold her too long, but when she does, we steal as many hugs and kisses as possible, real quick, and then she's off again getting into mischief! LOL

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  • joe - 2016-05-12
    how much was your bunny?
Jesika - 2010-03-19
I have a Dwarf-Britannia Petite mixed rabbit, called Laramie. She's the first rabbit I've ever had, and I got her for my fifteenth birthday. She's white, with gray-brown on her nose, tail, feet and ears and has red eyes. I was warned not to expect more than a few years of life from her, but my twenty-first birthday is this year and she's still going strong (And this with having survived a house fire, where she'd been very near to the main flames- No worries, though; she was unharmed bar some minor smoke damage to her lungs)!

I have never taken her anywhere that people weren't amazed by her temperament. She doesn't care to be handled (she'll let you handle her without problems, but she doesn't seem to enjoy it herself), but she's extraordinarily well-behaved. She's always been calm, curious, and very friendly. She even gets on well with cats and dogs, as long as they don't try to fuss with her. She's never so much as nipped anyone, and is overall just an absolute dear. She's litter trained, and loves sweet treats (such as raisins and pieces of fresh fruits, especially strawberries).

Every time I so much as look at her, I feel like I love her a little bit more. I adore rabbits, but when she passes, I very well might never get another; There's no chance any other rabbit could fill her shoes!

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  • katie - 2012-02-09
    Yeah, I love the polish rabbit. Currently I have 7 of the beutiful bunnys. I've got 2 blue, named Bluey and Silver, one black named Midnight, three brokens named Isis Anne, Scout and Buddha.
  • Dan Sullivan - 2016-04-22
    I inherited Charlie, a white red eyed Btitania Petite at <2 years old on Christmas Day! Fiesty, friendly, and lives in the living room. No cage. Never a cage. Even when traveling. The front seat passenger floor with protection. Bunny proof everything if you are lucky enough to be gifted with one. Charlie is a girl and she now is 7 years young and still hoppin!
Olive (sorry but this is very detailed and long) - 2014-08-03
Hi i recently adopted a Britannia Petite Rabbit named Olive (hence my name) When i first got her home, I gave her time to get used to the surroundings of her cage which is big enough for her to jump around 4 1/2 times the length of herself (as she is just a baby) I then put a litter box in her cage a left her for the remainder of the day and night obviously with food and water. The next day I opened the cage door and made it her decision as to when she wanted to come out. I then proceeded to look in her litter box and noticed she had used it, I thought this was weird because she was just a baby and had never been litter box trained before but i saw she hadn't gone anywhere else in her cage. She was born litter box trained! When she finally came out of her cage I lay on my floor with my laptop, in my bunny proofed room, and let her explore me and the room. She sniffed my and each day we did this for a couple hours, we started with baby steps. Then i started getting her used to my hands, I tried to fed her carrots from my hand but she wouldn't take it yet,I started with a long carrot and made it shorter an shorter till she was eating right off my palm. Now she was associating my hands with treats. Anyways after a couple weeks of this she is now completely comfortable around me and follows me everywhere I go, she is completely litter trained and loves to lick:) I try to pick her up a little as possible but when I do she has no problem with it. If you want to tame and bond with your Britannia Petite rabbit this is the way to do it! I can honestly say she is the perfect bunny, even if she needs hours of floor time every day! Sorry this was so long and detailed but thanks for reading!!

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  • hi - 2014-08-03
  • Cookiemonster45 - 2016-04-21
    cool name for a rabbit
Robert - 2005-09-17
I had a wonderful British Polish Rabbit. She died just a couple of days ago (2005-Sept-14). Her coloring was much like the one in the picture. She was prickly when I first got her and never loved being cuddle, but she was a wonderful pet: lively and full of spunk. I miss her so much.

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  • Jaimie-Leigh - 2013-04-03
    sorry but I totally agree about cuddling at first with mine you put her on your lap and she would squirm a little but now she's used to people just get them out more often. However don't give them a choice make the come out bust be gentle they will care less for you and trust you less.
Jaimie-Leigh - 2013-04-03
I have a rabbit that I wasn't quite sure about as the colours were different to any breed I had ever seen. then I came here and the people leaving comments were really helpful (saying what colours were) this helped a lot. Mine is brown and has a lot of fur, her (buttercups)ear almost turn black in winter but only the tips. she has some bits of fur which are white however you cant really see them as they hide under her brown. I am still searching for how much weight they should put on weekly and how much they are supposed to weigh though. Please can any of you help. otherwise though I have listened to many comments if they are any new viewers though if at first they don't like to be handled get them out more so they trust you more this will help you and your rabbit to bond. If at first your sure you are not sure at how to handle them look at the next page on the website otherwise I would suggest feeding them with a carrot so they can not bite you. soon they will not bite you when you put your hand underneath them. they are really good pets and if their are any parents on here this is the best rabbit it doesn't make much mess I would suggest if you have a big cage clean it out every 2 weeks if not clen every week.

Melina - 2005-06-07
i'm getting a bunny soon, and this website has been very yeah...thanks!!!

Elisa - 2009-05-09
I have a white Britannia and his name is Dido. He is my first bunny and at the beginning he was shy and hated being handled (he still hates being picked anyway). When I bought him I thought I made a mistake as he used to be very agressive when I tried to pick him up, and as it is my first bunny I was hoping to have those cute ones that you can handle and pet for hours.
However, 3 months have passed and I regret my thoughts as I am the happiest bunny owner in the world. Dido is such a character, he loves to do his "marathons" around the house running like crazy and jumping to the sofa, then carry on running and ending on my bed! He also loves to sleep and relax on my bed or under the table, jump in the air and plays with me a lot! He learned so easily the things that he is not allowed to chew and is very well litter trained!
I would like to recommend this breed to those who want to have lots of fun! The best breed! Now I think that a breed which is very tame may be a bit boring for me compared to my funny Dido.

Kati - 2006-10-12
I have a little Brittania. His name is Frank and he's mostly black with some brown and white. He is adorable but he is one crazy rabbit. He bounces around my room and throws himself at things. He enjoys getting into fights with things much longer than him. He is not a cuddler, though. I can pet him while he lays on the floor, but he doesn't like being held unless he knows it's to get in or out of his cage. He's a handful and he's a little bloodthirsty at times (hehe), but I love having him around.
This breed is not for the faint of heart or the easily frustrated, however, because they are very independant and have a mind of their own.

Celeste - 2005-09-20
I once took care of a Brittania petite and they are very energetic and if children understand they can get excited easily and know to approach with care, then they can have the best time playing together. They also like being head of the house but get along well with other pets if trained and introduced in stages. but if you want one you have to get ready for a furball that is cute but is more a fireball of energy. (be sure to rabbit proof your home well. Read about rabbit proofing in Rabbits for Dummies.)

Karollynn - 2006-08-21
I have a female (himalayan) cream colored w/chocolate points Netherland Dwarf who's very fat, a male light gray Holland Lop, a male black otter Brittania Petite (Polish) who's still a baby (born in February 2006), a female boxer dog (fawn colored), and a female cat who's half siamese and half himalayan (same color as my Netherland Dwarf bunny-they match-get alond very well and sometimes sleep along side of each other). I love all of my "babies", but the Brittania is the newest addition (we got him @ 5 1/2 weeks and he could fit in the palm of your hand). He's amazingly affectionate, smart, fastidiously clean and just a wonderful bunny. No matter how bad a person could feel-he always cheers you up. I am now trying to decide whether I should have him neutered or not. He is also absolutely beautiful with a stunning coat. All of my bunnies have separate cages that are close together in my cellar. They all come upstairs with us for play and cuddling (watching tv) everyday. I highly recommend bunnies as wonderful rewarding yet lower maintenance loving pets.