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   The uniqueness of the Coronet Guinea Pig lies in its crest, with a large rosette right on the top of its head!
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Anonymous - 2010-04-28
Did you know, Guinea pigs do MUCH better with at least 1 friend Guinea Pig? I got my first the summer of 2009, I was her third owner, she was also very poorly treated, then, we got her a friend, American Guinea Pig, Loki. She was sooooo much happier, even for a crancy of piggy. When she passed, we had to get another one because Loki always had a friend, so we got a mixed breed, Abyssine and Teddy bear. I don't know if she is a teddy bear, she has long hair, but albino, so it's hard to tell.

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  • olaoye gabriel - 2013-11-21
    I need your magazine for guinea pigs and rabbits.
Leah Kenny - 2009-06-18
I have one guinea pig, and that guinea pig is so cute.

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  • Sandy - 2012-12-13
    I recently 'rescued' a guinea pig from a pet store. I didn't like her cage with the wire bottom. I have always loved guinea pigs, and had them years ago. Here I go again. Anyway, her name is Lisbeth, and she has long hair. She was sold as an Abby, but alas, the only rosette is on her head, then comes the long hair. Needless to say, lots of brushing and butt checking. She seems happy by herself, but somedays I think maybe she should have a companion. Sandy