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Arabella - 2021-02-19
I am looking to purchase one/twoTexel guinea pigs. Please email back if you have any for sale/adoption.

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Kristin - 2019-02-25
I am looking to buy a Teddy Guinea Pig. Preferable female as I have a female guinea pig. She lost her cage mate and is only a year and half old and needs a new cage mate. We want a teddy but we can’t find one anywhere. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you

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  • Skee - 2020-02-07
    I know this is a late comment but asking around pet stores may help. There were none when I went to my local pet store but when we asked we were told that there would be two brothers coming in the next day.
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Otsi csengeri - 2019-09-01
I am looking for an abby/ peruvian mix girl

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Achena Ajana Ami - 2016-09-12
sir i am supplying guinea pigs all over world from india  price of 500 INR / 10 Us Doller if any one interest must contact with me

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  • Pragoti Konwar - 2016-12-15
    I'm from Jorhat, Assam, India.
    Do you have silkie guinea pigs ?
    And also, do you deliver to Jorhat ?
Eleanor - 2007-04-02
The basics about the care of guinea pigs:

Guinea pigs need at least five hours every day on grass in a reasonably sized, covered partially (with plastic or wood; for shade and for protection) chicken wire run, regardless if it's rainy or sunny. It's essential to put a small box with woodshavings and hay inside the run, so they can sleep during the daytime.
At night, you may choose whether to have a large outdoor cage, or a large box in the house to house your guinea pigs in. Indoor cags can be obtained, but these are rarely big enough for the guinea pig, and are widely impractical. In any case, shelter should have the essentials;
newspaper/magazines- to absorb any leakage or liquid waste.
woodshavings- to absorb any liquid. These should thickly cover the newspaper.
Hay- bedeck shelter with this bedding material in excess. This is a staple food, bedding, and even toy for guinea pigs.
Food bowl- containing plenty of fresh dry food.
Selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Food plays a large part in your guinea pigs life. Hay, grass, dry food, and carrots are needed in large amounts by any domestic guinea pig. (water is not neccesary, contrary to popular belief. Guinea pigs often do not utilise water bottles or water bowls; instead, source their water from foods such as tomato, lettuce, celery, or cucumber- guinea pigs will respond enthusiasticly to these in comparison with other hydrating techniques.)
Fresh food that is great for guinea pigs includes-
carrots, apple, pear, clery, sprouts, cabbage, turnip, grass, lettuce, leaves, plum, berries, etcetera.
You'll find that guinea pigs have wise judgement, and won't go near anything that they don't like or that is remotely harmful to them. Some guinea pigs are very fussy with food; don't indulge them in their fussiness, as this will lead to later inconveniences and fussy preferences. Instead, give them as much of that particular food as you would under usual circumstances; they will then eat it gladly and get used to it, whilst being well nourished. Of course, be sure to accurately draw the line between giving them harmful food as opposed to food that they simply don't like.
Give them three choices of fresh food every evening, and refill their food bowl with dry food whenever the level goes past halfway down the bowl. Some brands of dry food which I find appealing to guinea pigs are
Supa Guinea dry food
Wagg Guinea pig
Gerty Guinea pig dry food
Brush your guinea pig's coat every week, and bathe them gently every two months to mantain ultimate standards for your guinea pig's looks.
Guinea pig brushes can easily be bought from a local pet shop, but a large toothbrush or soft bristle brush will be equally substantial.
To bath a guinea pig;
A guinea pig can be bathed in either a full size bath, a sink, or a basin.
It would be unhygienic to bath guinea pigs in a sink, but would give them added security to be bathed in a small space.
Basins are ideal, since they comfort the guinea pig because of its confined space, and are clean for guinea pigs to use.
A bath will be good for releasing guinea pig's pent up energy, but they'll be more frightened in such a large space, it will waste water, and be unhygienic.
Guinea pigs will be scared during bathtime, and will often try to either jump out or cling onto one's hand. This is no cause for concern. They will recover completely if placed in a warm, comforting hay box with plently of care, attention, and special treat foods, such as banana (don't give them this as a regular food, as it doesn't wear down their teeth well enough, and is too sweet for them to eat on a regular basis).
First, buy some guinea pig shampoo/ mild tea tree shampoo fro any chemist's or pet shop. Hsve a large, fluffy towel ready, and a brush.
Fill the {basin} {3/4} of the way full (depending on the size of the guinea pig) with tepid water. Place the guinea pig in it gently, yet firmly. Lather your guinea pigs coat with a small squeeze of shampoo. Do not lather any further then the ears, and take especial care not to get any soap in the mouth, eyes, ears, or nose. Rinse with plenty of warm water so that no soap suds or traces of shampoo are left in his coat. Lift the guinea pig out, onto a towel, and roll it around him, so that it looks like an Egyptian mummy. This covers his fur evenly on all sides, and makes him feel protected. Cuddle your guinea pig, stroke it, rub him gently, and talk to it comfortingly. This will put your guinea pig at ease.
Most guinea pigs love to be brushed after their bath, but some will sqeauk with the unfamiliar sensation. More often the not, you will not be hurting your guinea pig as you are brushing him. Brush with steady, even strokes that sopan the length of his body.
Finally, guinea pigs need to be paid much attention. They must be handled, stroked, and talked to, every day. This developes their sociable tendencies and affectionate nature. If you get to know your guinea pig well enough, it will feel comfortable enough to run towards you, purr, or sqeauk when it sees or hears you; it will fall asleep on your lap; it will take food from you; it won't be scared of you; it will recognize you; it will lick you, and, most importantly, develop a relationship with you.

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  • Lindsey - 2014-10-04
    that was helpfull
  • Anonymous - 2016-03-21
    Hi, my name Regina Filange. I plan on getting a second guinea pig for my eldest guinea pig, Chewy. How will I know that they are interacting well and getting along. My lonesome cavy , Chewy needs a friend. How will I know? Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
  • Anonymous - 2018-06-14
    could American guinea pigs live alone
  • Anonymous - 2018-11-08
    i want a guinea pig!!!
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Miranda Haley - 2012-02-13
I love White crested guinea pigs. I have one myself. She is little but is getting bigger. I love her to death and we will be getting a young boy so that she'll have some company and maybe even have babies....but we got her a big exercise ball and she won't roll around in it. How do I make her roll around in it, because she just sits there and chews on the ball and she gets scared but we just want her to roll around in it....

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  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-16
    So your saying that I have to leave the ball open and see if she will go in it and figure it out herself???? So I don't stuff her in there and just let her do it herself? I just afraid her might be pregnant and I don't have the things for her ... I was giving her grass but, there is snow all over. >:(
  • miranda - 2012-02-14
    I'll try that today and I will tell you later maybe Thursday if it worked. Thanks. I read online that it's dangerous for guinea pigs to be in the balls, it said that they feel surrounded...but, I'll still try...thanks a lot.c ya! :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-13
    All you would normally have to do is put her in the ball. As she moves the ball rolls. You might have to do it a few times and go slow and be gentle or you will frighten her.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    OK let's try this with the little guy and the ball. Set the ball on the floor and in various places inside the ball put a little dab of peanut butter - just a little dab. I think she will like the peanut butter and want to lick the peanut butter which will make the ball move and she might get the idea. When she is done though make sure you wash the ball and rinc=se it really well.
  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-14
    I've tried but she only nibbles on the ball and the ball only moves a TAD bit when she licks herself it moves but, she don't run around in it, she runs around crazy in her cage but not in the ball....
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    Gosh then I don't know. Just went online and saw the reviews you are talking about and does say dangerous but the balls they show are actual inclosures. The guinea pig can't go in and out as they want to. The ones I had were plastic but there were large openings 4 or 6 of them that the little guy could go in and out. I didn't know there were balls that you actually put the little guy in and closed a door. I don't think I would do that. I would be real reluctant to do that. You could frighten your little fella to the point where not a pet. Imagine someone stuck you in a big ball and then closed the door and this ball started to move around. You would be frightened. The one I had was more open and the little guy could go in and out as he please or roll it etc. He wasn't stuffed in it. I think best not to do that - certainly not with that kind of ball regardless if they advertise it as a toy.
  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-23
    Scampers is getting bigger everyday....I think she's pregnant but, my mom said that she's not. And I don't know what to do. Anyways, how was your day? Anything exciting?
  • emma - 2012-06-26
    PLEASE don't put your guinea pig in any wheels or balls. They aren't built for guinea pigs and guinea pigs can't handle them. Balls and wheels lead to serious back, neck, foot a toe problems. Guinea pigs have been known to not be able to walk and in some cases not even move after months of having used these products. PLEASE don't expose your guinea pig to this.
  • Nikki - 2018-06-13
    Those balls can injure a piggie's back. I know I wouldn't want to be trapped in one of those balls. The poor little piggie is not built for a prison torture ball. Mentally it must be terrifying for them. Please throw the ball in the garbage.
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penpops - 2017-07-28
this information is very helpful and has just made my want for guinea pigs grow even more! However I am unsure if I could get a big enough cage. I would probably have the largest plastic cage from a pet store and give the guinea pig at least 1 hour of running time a day. Another issue would be the amount of guineas I could have as this would probably be limited to 1.however I would spend lots of time with it and when I'm at school my mums home so she could keep it just wondering other peoples opinions on this and if anyone has any good tips then I'm all ears.

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  • Tips - 2018-02-14
    You should probably get another guinea if you don’t already have one to keep it company.
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Corinne - 2017-09-02
I have white crested that had babies with american 2 look like white crestwd the other looks like mom american

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Somerzby - 2017-08-14
Rabbits are a lot stronger than guinea pigs and can easily hurt or even kill a guinea pig without meaning to, simply by kicking out with their powerful back legs or jumping over the guinea pig. The rabbit may also bully the guinea pig. Sometimes guinea pigs ingest rabbit fur which can cause them problems.

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Sandra Pflegl24 - 2017-07-30
I would love to buy s skinny pig


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