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   They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle!
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DANIELLE - 2017-03-06
I am looking to buy a hedgehog baby from someone in wisconsin. Please let me know if you have any available

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  • shanlynghotusr - 2018-12-12
    we do have Pygmy Hedgehog both the male and female available for more information and pictures kindly get back to me
    Thanks and waiting
  • Karen Debula - 2019-11-26
    Hi can help with that Please contact us atText/Call/What'sapp = +1(832)377-7104
Karen Debula - 2019-11-26
Cute baby Pygmy marmoset being home raised
Very cute, social and lovely Marmoset Monkey are here! There are male and female available at this time. These puppies make excellent companions, Please contact us atText/Call/What'sapp = +1(832)377-7104

liam - 2016-01-13
hi I really want a hedgehog and have been looking every where but cant seem to find one. I was hoping that someone could hook me up with a seller or something that has new babies.

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  • nicola - 2016-01-16
    Pls send me your price list Thanks
  • Angel carabez - 2016-06-07
    Hey I'll love to see how much that hedgehog cost
Milla - 2013-03-25
Do you need a little cage, hut, house or anything? And if you do, what size, how big? And also please tell me if you know any breeders, if possible in west sussex please, that will be the best. I need a lot of information because I am a 9 yr old girl and I just love animals and nature, also I would like a pet for easter (1st april 2013). Any information would be very nice. Thanks for reading (;

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  • Anonymous - 2015-09-28
    you're 11 now, still too young m8
  • Anonymous - 2015-09-28
     7 inches of wood for the house bby
Alexei - 2015-04-19
Hi do you have any available african pygmy hedgehogs?. I have been searching for days over the internet.Can you ship to New Zealand? how much do they cost?. cheers

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  • KENNY - 2015-09-15
    Hi I just found a small albino hedgehog if your interested? Im in Taranaki. 0278597884
kurt - 2011-12-05
I am a hobby breeder of hedgehogs in the united states that occasionaly have some available for sale you can contact me throught my website at

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  • alazay cuascud - 2014-11-26
    can I buy one for 100 dollars or around there
Kailey - 2013-09-08
I wish I had a hedgehog, but I can't find anyone in Indiana that has a hedgehog with a complete cage setup for between 0 and 100 dollars!

Melissa - 2013-03-01
I live in the Highlands of Scotland and there are always lots of lovely wee wild hedgehogs in my garden every year. I just adore them and not being able to keep a wild one, I went and got an African Pygmy Hedgehog from a rescue organisation for exotic animals. He had been handed in after being removed from a horrible home. He was covered in mites, had lost part of his rear, right foot and was very unhappy and unsettled. I'm happy to say that three months after I got him home to my house he's doing great! I actually have him curled up asleep in my lap as I type! I just love having him and although hedgehogs aren't as affectionate as a dog, they do respond to kindness and consistent handling. I'm so happy that I can see such a big change in Harry's personality - he doesn't huff or ball up anymore and he stretches out and snuggles into the warmth of my body. I have 3 kids who adore him too and being in the Highlands, there aren't too many folk who have one of these wee guys so it's a bit of a novelty to the kids too. I have cows and dogs too and I love all animals but Harry is special because of his background and the change in him.

erica - 2013-01-17
I have a sweet albino female I may sell to a good home. Contact me at

Genie Miller - 2012-11-01
I have a small hedgehog. He is so sweet and is really laid back. I worry because I can't get him to eat. I have tried several things and nothing works. Help!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-02
    What have you tried so far?  Did you ask the place it came from what they were feeding it?