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   The pugnacious attitude of the Snapping Turtles makes them great feeders, and therefore healthy resilient captives!
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Gabby - 2017-06-25
Hi All! It's nice to read this comments, do I'm going to leave my own. Yesterday I found a common snapping turtle in front of my house where I park my car. My passenger almost stepped on it when getting out of the car but I noticed it because of the some with which it ran to get out of the way! I don't know how it got so far from the nearest stream but I decided to keep her (the lady at the pet store said most likely female based on vent location). We currently have 'Mojo' in a ten gallon tank but know she will grow quickly. Her shell is roughly 2 inches long and we're guessing 1-2 months old. We are feeding her meal worms, pellets, and minnows. She has a Huge appetite (and think this might be why she was so far from her habitat--perhaps there wasn't enough food? Or she got washed out by rain). I have two kids, and based on our research, it's important to handle them a lot early on to condition them to people. We would love to avoid getting bit by her and we don't want her to get too far either! We still have a lot to learn, so any tips would be appreciated.

Yvonne - 2016-04-09
Two days ago I decided to take my baby snapping turtle out of the tank so he could get some exercise while my daughter was opening up her bday presents. After a half hour or so goes by my mother says'where's the turtle' oh my god I forgot. We looked everywhere and he's been gone for almost 3 days. Any advice? I don't think my dogs would've ate him. One dog is mix breed of malamute and husky and the other dog had a starring contest with the turtle the last time he was out of tank getting she's old and could care less. Iv looked everywhere, iv been looking everyday and I left food and water out and even ran a watering fountain hoping he would come to the sound of trickling water, still no sign. Last time he ate was 4/7 in the morning and it's now 4/10. He's only the size of a half dollar. I'm worried and hope he surfaces soon or maybe he found a small hole and found his way out?

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  • Yvonne - 2016-05-12
    Our turtle went missing when he was very small also after we forgot he was out. We flipped the entire house completely over at least 5 times. We thought he had found a whole or got stuck somewhere and died.He turned up two weeks later just laying in the middle of the living room floor one morning as if he never left. He was a bit dehydrated but recovered very quickly and is doing very well a year later
Helen - 2013-12-02
Hi, I have a year and a half babe snapper, the problem is curling shell- she was fine during the summer using all 4 legs, had her in a small baby pool with a little water, put in some grass for her to swim bask in for about an hour a day. A month later in Aug, she stopped using her back legs to walk- they can move she won't use them- shell looks funny? I keep her tank clean, have a molded swim pod/ bask thing in her tank, she is eating the pellets? DO not know of a vet in the area who can treat her. Can I treat her, fix the shell, and make her use her legs again? She is not aggressive at all. Reason I have her- found her as a hachling in our pool, weeks before that we found her mom on the back lawn- we took the mom down the road + put her in the creek? Do not know how she got on our lawn as it is far away from the creek. SO I have this little turtle now for a year, she found me!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    When the shell 'curls' at the edges, you need to check your Snapping Turtle's diet and its lighting/basking spot.

    Turtles have a special need for certain nutrients and it could very well be it is not be getting enough vitamin A, vitamin D3, and calcium. Most commercial pelleted turtle and fish foods are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Powdered or liquid vitamin and mineral supplements (available at pet and feed stores) can be mixed in food once or twice per week.

    It also needs access to a warm, dry basking spot. Put a 40 to 60 watt incandescent light over the basking area to create a 'hot spot' of about 80-85°F. Particularly in winter, a 'full-spectrum' fluorescent light is helpful. This can be a shoplight fixture with an UVB-emitting bulbs or bulbs such as Verilux®, Reptisun®, and Vita-lite®, usually available at a pet store.
  • Lewis pieper - 2016-03-16
    I give my alligator snapper dead crickets. And he has the same problem with his back legs. He is a baby of 5 months. What should I do?
leo - 2010-02-07
I love Common Snapping Turtles, I've had them all my life. I had an Alligator Snapper too but, maybe just that specific one, was not really active. It would only come out in the middle of the night, I would have to sneak up on it with a flashlight. I have one now thats around 3" and have it in a 20Long gallon aquarium and will get 125 gallon by summertime. I came across a website that had Snappers I have never seen before they're called Hypomelanistic. Does anyone know where these are found or are they privately breeded?

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  • DarkOneCFH - 2010-03-10
    Try they have them even though they are pretty pricey
  • J.Johnson - 2015-09-01
    If you still have turtles please email me. I would like your opnion re: my snapping turtle. Thank you
sandra - 2014-01-19
I have a Wonderful Common Snapper. He is about 5 or 6 months old. We rescued him from our chicken hutch. Luckily we found hi before they did. He comes to me and stretches up the side like he wants out. After reading this I will start taking him out more often. He looks so sad in there and pushes himself to the edge as close to the family as he can get. I don't think he understands why he is in there and we are out here. He loves his belly rubs and under his neck to be rubbed...anything actually to be rubbed. He has never tried to bite me. I don't think he would take a chunk on purpose. Maybe I'm crazy but when he looks up with those big eyes he looks like he completely loves you. I'm crazy about Bubba T or Bubba Turtle... He definitely knows me and comes running we he hears my voice. Today his poop was green and he has been feeling kinda poorly not wanting to eat. Before he loved to eat reptamin sticks. Now nope. Ive been hand feeding him soft pellets mixed with pumpkin for the fiber and veggy content. I don't like it when he doesnt eat. I had him on antibiotic because he just wasn't acting like himself and although he showed no symptoms the vet gave me oral meds and i tickle his throat..opens wide and 3 drops go in. Then he looks at me like I just tricked least its cherry flavored. Probably would rather have liver flavored. I would love to know if meds cause green poop. He was constipated for a few days and was droopy cause of it. I would love to play with him I just don't want him to get cold. Love My Snapper Baby...putting in pond for him when warm comes!!

sara - 2010-08-31
Why do turtles lay eggs?

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  • veela - 2012-01-24
    Can you imagine if they gave live birth? Those spikey, serrated shells would probably tear the bejeebers out of the mother! Ouchies!!
  • brittney - 2012-12-04
    Well if they gave live birth they would die cuse the shells are so soft and they would get squished.
y.b. - 2010-03-31
i have a snapping turtle for almost 3 years, but I don't no the sex, how do you know wether it is a male or a female?
(please answer!thank's!!!)

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  • melissa - 2011-05-07
    The mouth it's snap is different. The male's snap is bigger than the female and the female's mouth is soft and it's bigger than the male. Welcome
  • Anonymous - 2012-01-24
    You can tell by the placement of the vent in the adult snapper. In a male, the vent is about halfway down the tail. In the female, it's more between the hind legs or slightly behind. My male loves to show off his penis, so he took the guesswork out for me. (Incidentally, in the male snapper, the penis is almost black, is a simple rod shape and does not have the 'flower' look like the penises of most turtles and tortoises. The first time you see it, it looks like the turtle is pooping.)
Dawn Bice - 2012-08-24
I have a young Florida common freshwater snapping turtle....and I am not sure if there is any aquatic plants they like? Or if any are harmful? Thank you

Denice - 2008-12-28
My son saved our snapping turtle from certain death about 4 years. He's grown quite a bit and does well with our sliders. He's been a wonderful pet, and loves to be played with. Unfortunately our agressive soft-shell tried to disembowel it. It seems to have pulled a part of it's innards out through his anus. Sounds weird, I know. It started out pretty gross and I tried, unsuccessfully, to shove it, gently, back in. He seemed uncomfortable when I tried so I stopped. I've separated him from the rest of the turtles and he seems active, but can't seem to fix his issue. He seems to poop through the area that is pulled out. It's the weirdest thing ever. I've been keeping him in a very clean environment to prevent infection. Any ideas or experience with this issue from anyone out there?

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  • jack boothe - 2010-05-08
    I certainly think you should take it to the vet if you haven't already. If it's eating, drinking, moving around and doesn't seem to be in pain, it may be alright.
  • susan - 2012-03-02
    Please take your turtle to the vet. That sounds painful. Snappers will eat your sliders. Separate them. I had mine together and then Snap bit the head off another turtle. He was very young at the time.
  • DEBORAH - 2012-06-08
Julie - 2010-04-15
My daughter found a hatchling 3 summers ago...'Snappy' is a wonderful pet! He doesn't have an ounce of aggression in him! He loves to be snuggled and cuddled, despite the fact that he is a full-fledged snapper. He likes to sit on your shoulder when reading and watching the pages of the book turn, he enjoys TV from time to time...he is a very fast runner. He will actively come to you, but will not respond to his name. He will climb up on your back if you are laying on the floor watching TV. He will then 'pose' with his neck extended as he is saying "I am the king'...He will only eat pellets. The only time he hissed was from my daughter trying to file his overly long nails. He has NEVER snapped at us! He likes to hide in dark places...under couches, inside the spring of a rocker-recliner, and in the entertainment center if the door is left open. He is incredibly pleasant! We don't know if he is a 'he' or a 'she'...Snappy will even take a nap with us! Snappy feels completely safe with us. It is nothing for him to take a nap while holding him swaddled in his blanket. My daughter made a tee-pee for a school is small...Snappy likes to hide-out in the tee-pee if left on the floor. I know this sounds completely impossible, but this is all true! My daughter bought a small puppy-sized collar to put around his shell like a harness...she attached a leash. Girl and turtle will go for a walk. We live near a slow-moving stream. Snappy enjoys swimming in the water and digging in the mud. He gets so dirty that the only thing you see are the blinking of his eyes. He has been once incredible pet! Friends and family enjoy him, too...

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  • Ty - 2010-09-23
    Sorry to bother you, but my mother-in-law and I recently found a snapping turtle hatchling and we were wondering what to feed it and how to determine gender. Thank you.
  • Heather - 2011-09-11
    I have a three year old female snapper named Jordan that I found as she hatched. She is so much like your Snappy! She loves attention, and will follow me around. She watches TV and video games with us, and LOVES music! I used to leave my keyboard music on for her all day long, and she stretches her neck way out and in the water seems to...."dance" to it. She really is a sweetheart, and all of our family loves her! They're amazed that a snapping turtle can have so much personality and be so nice. Jordan does, however, recognize her name, and will immediately look at me and come to me when I call her. Weird, huh? :)