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   With beautiful yellowish rings accenting its shell, the Ringed Map Turtle is quickly and easily recognized!
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Nome - 2015-07-19
I have a beautiful pet. Acquired 8-10 years ago, healthy, not adapt to handling, very attentive, I believe 'she' was approximately size of fifty-cent piece, now grown to 5-8 inches in diameter. Just a guess. Appears to be healthy, could be adapt to be a friendly pet with training. I am looking for a home as I am no longer able to care for her. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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  • arsalan - 2015-07-25
    Kindly let me know which pet it is. You can contact me on
  • K.pradeep - 2016-04-21
    im intrested to adopt ur pet

michelle - 2008-05-28
I can show you a lake FULL of RingedMap turtles!!

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  • Fran - 2011-06-23
    I was about to register when a storm struck "and we were off line". I am ancient heading on 60, eeeeek. but the animal world is a disease!
    Dear Michelle,
    I am looking for large aquatic turtles preferably, as re feed time things can be a bit dramatic. I have bred turtles, saved salamanders each year, mended peragrin falcons, deer + countless animals over the years. However you never stop learning!
    I also have searched for Rough Green Snakes for three years and never found anybody selling them, or (spotty frogs) as I call them, Bombina Orientalis. I do not know if you can help? I know 2 places in Fr. One Savannah going down hill, and the other only sells from the shop in Paris.....I am right down near Spain in the Pyrenees Atlantique, sorry no accents cannot find them on this arabic key board :)
    What happens re transport, Savannah used to transport very well, but no longer.
    Thank you for reading this; and I look foward to hearing from you.
    I will now see if I can go back and finish regestering for this site. Take care.

  • Jose - 2020-07-20
    Grab one and sell me it? I want one lol
Juda Ben-Hur - 2008-05-26
Ringed map turtles are an endangered species - so I think it is not a PET!