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The adorable White-Lipped Tree Frog, true to its name, has a bright white lower lip!
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Enthusiast rep one - 2014-08-18
If I was you I would start from tadpole stage because then he will be adapted to your enclosure .i have several different species I raised from tadpole in my seventy five gallon tank and I have live plant life cedar water we'll its and ecosystem all in itself but I don't even need a top cuz that's were they started out they call it home and won't leave I have a five inch in diameter PVC tube going out Side with a special UVB light sent out side so bugs just fly right in every night it's beautiful if I could post a pic I would so start fresh and that would be the best bet for the frog no stress cuz it don't know better

frog lover - 2010-04-07
Hi, I had 4 white's tree frogs; two babies, one sub adult, and one huge adult.
My first baby lived in a 30 gal. terrarium, he sadly died, and my brother's friend gave me a baby and a sub adult. They lived in a beautiful 75 gal. tank from the grand rapids reptile expo. I purchased the huge one for 20 bucks. Every single one of my tree frogs refused to eat, and they all died. I researched the problem, I pin pointed every temp, they even had a uvb/uva bulb. I covered up one side of the tank with a blanket to relieve stress. If anyone knows or thinks they might know please tell me, I love tree frogs. Would a white lipped be a better choice for me? If so, I know they don't recommend mixing species but because white lips are so big could they live with an aproprietly sized species of gecko that has the same enviromental needs ( humidity, heat, ect... )? Someone please help!

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  • RICKY - 2010-08-10
    Yes they can live with them.
  • Amber - 2010-09-21
    I have a white-lipped that is peacefully residing with 2 white-lined geckos. They have been together for over a year (they were all almost full grown when I got them...) there is also a descent sized columbian tree frog in there too....
    Good luck!
  • Katie - 2012-12-20
    Your habitat may be too big for them to find the crickets. They only need 10-20 gallons each. I have two fire-legged running frogs, a red-eyed tree frog, and recently purchased a white-lipped. They are currently residing in a 10gal. Soon I will be upgrading to a 20gal high for all of them.
Fiona - 2011-09-19
I have two male white lipped tree frogs who are approx 10 months old. I have them in an aquarium with a UV light and 100W heat lamp it is also set up with branches, ledges and foliage. The base of the aquarium is gravel and heated water as we have 3 tiny fish. I feed the boys gut loaded crickets every two to three days. They seem to be very healthy and range from brown to a dark purplish colour.
One of the boys is very much the "alpha male" and can be a little aggressive with the littler boy, knocks him of his perch and into the water. The little one seems to cope well and just goes about his business.
In the last couple of weeks they alpha male has started to croak excessively. He starts to croak continuously around 2:00 clock in the afternoon and doesn't stop until around 3.30am - he wakes the entire family up (including 2 children who sleep very soundly). We can not talk on the telephone unless we go into another room or outside and we have to turn the TV up really loud.
The past two nights I have made a smaller enclosure for the boys in our garage, just so we can get some sleep. The enclosure is heated with a mat rather than a lamp and has a small container of water and some branches and foliage. They either do not croak or we can not hear them. When I put them back in their normal aquarium around 6.30am in the morning they are cool to the touch and bright green.
I am not sure what to do to stop the constant croaking as I don't think it is good for the frogs to be moved every day. Should I drop the temperature in the aquarium - remove the heat lamp (this goes against everything I have been told to do to look after them).
Please help - they are driving us mad!

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  • Sue Unsworth - 2011-10-04
    Hi Fiona
    Your frogs are making that racket because it is mating season, and they are trying to attract a partner. These little guys are just growing up. This is one of the down sides of keeping them in an enclosed space - they can't get on with the natural business of finding a mate and making babies. The croaking should stop once the mating season is over.
dave - 2011-05-13
I have just thrown a white lipped tree frog out. It kept appearing in the toilet bowl. This evening it was sitting on the rim so I caught it (bare handed -- if it can live in the toilet I will not give it an infection!!). I put it onto a palm tree outside.

Ten minutes later my wife went out to take a photo and we found 2 of them, one with the pinkish legs, one more white in the tree.

The pleasures of living next to a rainforest!!

Dave, Cairns, Qld, Aus.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-13
    Makes your life a little more interesting than us regular old folks. Sounds fun anyway.
Sue Unsworth - 2011-06-07
I have four white lipped tree frogs that live mostly in my kitchen - they nip out onto the verandah at night to have a swim in the dog water dish and then squelch their way back to the pantry, leaving puddles all over the house! They are also quite clumsy and regularly knock things off shelves during their travels around the house. There has been more than one occasion when I have been woken by the sound of breaking glass as they have sent a vase or jar flying. There are two huge ones, one medium sized one and one "youth" We love them dearly, but wouldn't keep them enclosed in any way. I have decided to leave a bowl of water in the pantry and one on the kitchen bench at night - less mess for me each morning. We are very happy with these house mates, despite their mess. I hope they stay with us for many years.

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  • Sue Unsworth - 2011-10-04
    Further to my earlier post, my green tree frog population in the house has increased to at least eight! Those are just the ones I can see - but it seems like every time I move something in the pantry or on the deck, there is another frog hiding behind it! It's like the frog super-highway at night. I think one of the reasons there are so many at the moment is that it is incredibly dry out, and they have access to water here in the house. The doors and windows are always open, so they can come and go as they please. They have a water bowl in the pantry, another in the kitchen sink, the dog bowl on the deck, and now I have put another dish of water in the dining area on the deck. Two of the frogs have taken up residence in a lamp in the lounge, four in the pantry and a couple on the deck. Lots of fun watching these guys. :)
Cheryl - 2010-04-23
Having geckos, dragons, and skinks, we decided to add to our family 2 white lipped frogs after leaving the store with what we believed to be smaller frogs. Imagine our surprise once researched at our newly acquired baby giants and we would'nt have them any other way. Ollie(because he likes to change from green to olive any chance he gets) and Freddo cause he's littler have already become quite the personalities...Ollie is onto a door or enclosure top being raised at a drop of a hat and likes to jump to the glass whenever he sees me, Freddo is a little more laid back but he does have a gorgeous blue/green spot on the top of his head! I look forward to many more years with our newest family members.

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  • Edward\r\n - 2011-09-20
    Much appreciated for the information and share!
Parker - 2011-07-15
We have 2 green frogs on our porch that look just like the photos of the white lipped green frogs but we live in TX and it's DRY and HOT so what are they?

ben - 2009-08-19
I love tree frogs!

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  • Georgina - 2010-03-04
    me too!!!
Anonymous - 2009-07-21
I just got a frog... it is so cute. I went to this website to check out what frog it is. Thanks for your help Animal World!

eva - 2008-02-17
I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida and for the last month I have had the pleasure of the company of a beautiful little White lipped tree frog.

He comes almost every evening and sits on my outside kitchen window sill when the nights are warm and disappears when it is cold. I keep a lamp on the inside of my window and thought that perhaps he/she can catch some moths.

I would not try to catch him since he belongs outside in his little world but he has given me much joy when I see him.