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   The Velvet Wrasse, Blue-sided Fairy Wrasse, or Blue-scaled Fairy Wrasse can be a very beautiful and lively fish in any aquarium! Like all the fairy-wrasses they are a peaceful fish in aquariums, though they may not be compatible with some of the basslets, dottybacks, or longfins.
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Carrie - 2006-03-20
Awesome and easy fish to care for!!! I have this one (full grown) with a Scott's Fairy (same size of 3" but still growing) and a Solor Fairy wrasse. Little tiffs here and there between the Solor and Velvet, but these species are generally too peaceful to cause more than a bite wound. (which heals quick with the aid of a cleaner shrimp and as long as the wrasse is still eating, don't worry about the scrapes and tail nips) It is necessary to add the fairy wrasses at the same time and after territories are established, they calm down. The Scotts Fairy is the most diplomatic and backs down to avoid confrontations. I cooresponded with a gentleman in Japan that studies wrasses before I put this combo together. PLEASE put an egg crate over any open holes. They only "jump" when frightened, and I have not had a death due to that behavior yet since the top is well covered!