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   Not only is it one of the largest of the lined wrasses, the Eight-Lined Wrasse is also one of the most boisterous!
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Justine - 2015-03-24
A COUPLE of months after my four lined wrasse died, I noticed I had a lot of red bristol worms in my 100 gallon marine aquarium. That Pet Place sold me a pseudo eight line wrasse about three inches long. I have never seen this wrasse eat a bristol worm. I rarely see bristol worms in my tank any more. I do see the wrasse hit the sand making a sand cloud and assume he just ate a bristol worm. I love this wrasse. He gets along fine with my other semi aggressive fish and he leaves my coral alone. He is graceful to watch and can be very fast when he wants to be.

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  • Tony Rowe - 2017-02-28
    I've had my 8 lined wrasse for about 2 yrs now and he's about 4 1/2" long.  Cool fish and likes to show off/flashes at the front of tank to get me to feed him. An intersting behavior I've noticed is he sometimes acts like a cattle dog and  herds other fish around. Never been agressive.