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   The Yellow Tang brings a bit of bright sunshine to any level aquarist's tank, providing hours of viewing pleasure each day!
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Jaival Parikh - 2013-01-26
Hello Can i keep 8-10 yellow tang together in same tank, my stocking list plan is as follows 8-10 yellow tang 8-10 bangai cardinal 2 percula Clean up crew That should be it. Tank size is 7ftX3ftX2.5ft with a 5X2X2 feet sump Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-26
    8-10 tangs alone need a much bigger tank.  They need plenty of places to bed down at night to sleep.  I would get a much bigger tnak or cut down to 2 tangs.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
    good luck with that
  • Daniel Bleier - 2014-08-01
    8-10 tangs would be far too many in a tank that size. My tank is 7'x2'x2' and I house 1 yellow, 1 purple, and 1scopas tang and trust me that is the limit. They have been ok for 3 years now but still show aggression at least twice a week.
  • CJ - 2019-05-17
    If you do it right you will be fine. I have up to 18 fish in a 400 litre Aqua One Tank with over half of them being mixed Tangs with no problems what so ever, also full of Coral with every square inch covered in Purple and Pink Coraline Algea. Water change when once a month keep dosing for the corals and keep them full of greens as well as frozens and you can have one of the nicest aquariums around. I still have this Tank along with a very full 500 litre and a 220 with Four Powder Blues in it.
Rachel Dixon - 2004-04-14
I have had my beautiful yellow tang for nearly 2 years, he has done so well,from 2 inches to 5!

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  • Bdog - 2017-02-15
    Mine is 16 years old and going strong
Anonymous - 2006-08-27
I have two yellow tangs in my salt water aquarium and they are very friendly with other fishes and they are nice to each other too. I wonder why people only prefer algae because I seldom feed them with it and they love to eat other things that rest of the fishes eat like mysis shrimp, pellets, etc. I have also fed them with regular shrimp that we eat and they love it.
So I guess its all about watching and knowing your fishes, because every fish is different.

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  • Clarence Green - 2016-07-18
    Tangs need algae to stay healthy they are prone to HILLE and needs algae to stay healthy
Anonymous - 2013-04-17
It's cruel to keep a Yellow tang in a system less than a 1000 liters.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-17
    Especially for their long term environment! Juveniles can be kept in a smaller tank, but eventually they will need adequate space.
  • Ianonymous - 2016-05-02
    Is cruel to take them out of the wild
  • Clarence Green - 2016-07-18
    75 gallons is as small as I would go with a yellow tang as most tangs need at least a 6ft tank they swim miles everyday in oceans a smaller tank will stress out these fish
Tom Roughan - 2013-01-08
I have a 180g tank with about 200 pounds of live rock, I currently have a blue tang about 4 inches long, a pacific sailfin tang about 2 inches long, and several other small fish. Will a yellow tang be ok with the other tangs?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-09
    With tangs it can go either way.  They are normally fine if others are different shaped.  Some will get very territorial with other fish.  Should be ok with the type that you have and it sounds you have a lot of areas they can call their own.
Callan Checkley - 2012-12-31
I have a lionfish rabbitface, foxface,lawnmower, tusk and a clownfish in my tank just wondering if anyone knows if it would be alright to add a yellow tang in with them or not?If not what would be good?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-01
    Tang should do fine as long as the tank is large enough to handle it.
supergnome - 2011-07-24
Just bought banner have 2 ins yellow tang there was small bully tactics by tang did not think it was bad just territory squable but 24hrs later no sign of banner could tang have killed the banner? My tank has about 158lbs of live rock so it could be a problem to strip it down to find him this is the first one lost.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-25
    Tangs are herbivores so they normally don't go after meat. It can happen but would be unusual - also your tang at 2 inches isn't very big yet and I don't think he could do something other than nip a banner -
    158 pounds of rciks is a lot of rocks. The banner could be hanging out or possibly just got stuck. I think you will just have to wait and see. I doubt I would take 158 pounds of rcok out either.
Lewis - 2011-07-14
Can I keep 3 really small yellow tangs in a 30 gallon aquarium with a diamond goby, 2 firefish, a scooter blenny and 2 cleaner shrimp.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    Short answer is no. It is not how big your Tang are now, it is the adult size you have to consider. Rule of thumb for every each a fish is going to be as an adult, you need one gallon of water. 30 gallon tank - you have to subtract the gravel and plants and decorations - so you are really down to a 25 gallong tank. 3 Tang alone need that much.

    Animal World says "All surgeonfish/ tangs are quick agile swimmers and need lots of open areas. To feel secure they also need rocks/ corals with many nooks and crannies to hide in and to wedge themselves into at night for sleeping. This fish will not bother corals or inverts but it will graze on algae, so it highly useful in a reef environment. However keep corals glued down, as their quick speeds may topple a coral or two. They thrive well in tanks with algae growth.
    Minimum Tank Length/Size: A minimum 50 gallon (189 liters)."
Anonymous - 2008-09-10
My yellow tang seems to have a brownish colour on the back of it, and just lying in rocks.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-11-10
    At night it gets a slightly brown color.
J - 2010-09-01
Just got a yellow tang, sailfin tang, and naso tang, great fish love them, the yellow loves his dried seaweed/algae!