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The Powder Brown Tang is on many aquarist's search list because of its beauty and nice personality!
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Matt - 2010-02-19
I might have a problem, I HOPE NOT. I've got a 135 set up, been going for about 5 years now. I do water changes, pull the coral at different times and bleach it, take out 1/3 of the crushed coral, and replace it every 6-9 months, What I'm saying is the tank is doing good. NOW my problem, my local retailer had, I say HAD a white faced(powder Brown tang in his store for about 3 weeks, eats great, looks great. He gave me a deal, 25 bucks. I brought it home, put it in my quarrantine tank. It's been there about 3 weeks. I'm ready to put in the big tank, and it hit me.....There is a Scopas tang in there. Are they going to fight?

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  • Anonymous - 2015-10-15
    Is it true😁😲😩😵😮😆
Luis Rosario - 2011-07-27
I just purchased a White-faced Surgeonfish. Now I have a Sail-fin tang in the tank as well. Sailfin is constantly chasing the Surgeonfish. Are Sail-fin territorial? Will the Sail-fin continue, till it harm the White-faced Surgeonfish or will they get along in time? Thank u.

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  • Paul - 2011-08-29
    The size matters here. Tank size and addition timing as well. The A. Japonicus will be more timid, and bullied by other tangs. I had mine just over a year, and just got rid of it, as it developed coral grazing habits in an undersized system, waiting on a larger build. So I'm afraid to add it to the new tank. It was the only lg fish in the tank out of a total of 3 fish. One being a chromis, and the other a blenny (LMB). So it was the show fish.

    You might be ok in time. Both are superiorly beautiful! I've owned both.
    But each time, one was the show fish. What you have is like a purple tang with a sailfin, the sailfin will lose to a purple. And a Japonicus will lose to a sailfin. Sexing may also be a problem. Only time will tell. There's not set rule that never breaks.

    Yes the Sailfin will be territorial
  • Michael - 2012-03-09
    I got the same problem before and same fish like you too. well in a couple of days the sailfin will calm down and stop harrassing the white-face. but the best way is ( if possible) you have to take all the fish out from the tank and using the water from the tank , put in a separate container with a heater so the water doesn,t get cold. then you take all the fish out, leave them out for about half an hour together. Keep an eye on them, then put the white-face back in the tank first , leave it in the tank for about another half an hour then you put the sailfin back in and the rest of the other fish if you have any. This is the best solution. Good luck. Hope this helps.
Dhritiman Datta - 2007-12-06
I have one of these in my 200 litre Fish Only tank. He is very aggressive towards my Pakistani Butterfly and Sebae Clown and other fish of its same size! But they are a really hardy species, very rarely attacked by diseases. Just make sure to provide a good amount of green.

Chris Phillips - 2005-12-20
I have had a brown powder tang in my 150 gal reef for 4-5 years. Great Fish and very hardy once established. Not shy at all. Somewhat aggressive towards new tank-mates that are tangs (must isolate them for 3-4 weeks) to prevent the initial fighting. Most beautiful fish in my tank.

Ray cole - 2004-11-08
I have just purchased a Scopas brown tang. I have studied your web site and thank you for the info on tangs! I,m new to marine tanks and like the info you provide! The tang is doing fine, as soon as I put him in the tank he started to feed, looks very happy, thanks !