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   Check out those kissy marks on the glass!  No, your bristletooth is not in love with you, but it is in love with the algae it's eating!
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Atoll - 2018-04-10
I my tang perhaps a Indian Gold Ring Bristle Tooth Tang from an LFS a few weeks ago here in the UK sold to me as a silver spot tang, about 3.1/2' long. My fish has the characteristic body of the bristle tooth family and the yellow circle around its eye but that is where it seems to end. The body has no spot nor lines running through it and it is either black or a very dark brown indeed but looks more black. Both the dorsal and anal fins are seen with blue edges when it catches the right light. The tail fin is completely black, the pectoral fins are clear with a hint of yellow Everybody I have spoken too say they have never seen one like it before. Perhaps it is a Ctenochaetus truncatus common names Indian tang and square tail tang as it does have the squared off tail. I did see one pic of a tang reported to be a Ctenochaetus truncatus via Google images but who knows if that is correct or not given the total lack of markings on the body. The fish is very active and doing very well in my 100 gallon and is quite placid bothering no other fish housed with it.

Merrick - 2008-09-24
Beautiful and reef friendly. My tank just matured and I introduced my Tang with some Banner fish, gobies and common clowns. It has been three weeks now and no issue has arose. Very busy fish, needs lots of space as it loves to dart about.

I do agree that you need quite a bit of live rock as it doesn`t stop nibbling.
I have a huge aquarium (3,2m x 0,65m x 0,85{1500lts}) and it has managed to clean my glass in two days.

I would recommend this species definitely for first time reefers.