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   Though still quite rare, the Elongate Unicornfish or Lopez's Unicornfish is becoming a bit more common in pet stores. The fish seen in the picture above has been keep for over six years!
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Paul - 2012-04-13
What is the difference between a Vlamingi and a blue spotted unicorn? how do you tell them apart when young.

chris f. - 2008-09-28
Vlamingi and lopezi look almost identical. The one they have pictured is a lopezi, you can tell by the "mask" or blue stripe above the eye. p.s. you can't tell the difference between the 2 when they are young.

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  • kevin - 2010-08-09
    Hi I had bought a lopezi tang well that's what it was listed as it looks more like the vlamingi tang he is 5 inches now how do can I tell what it is?
michael - 2006-05-23
Hi I'm Michael from Malaysia. Bought a 5in Lopez Tang from LFS for US$12 after the Tang was shown eating pellets. Doing extremely well in my tank and started eating day after. mixing well with my Yellow tang and Sailfin tang. Very peaceful and has a great appetite...... highly recommended !

ian calton - 2005-12-24
this fish is very territorial. i have had one for 4 months. i added a chocolate tang and he harrassed it to death. also scared a long nose butterfly to such a stage of white spot and fin rot he also died. but after all that he is a beauty.

Josh - 2004-03-05
The Naso lopezi you have listed on your website is surely a Naso Vlamingi in sub adult coloration.

shevy - 2003-12-11
Previous comment about being a Vlamingi Tang is way off. Lopezi Tang does great on zooplankton diet. However, this is one tang in the unicorn family that will not grow a horn. Couple of my customers have these tangs that are 8"+ and neither have sprouted even a knob on their head.