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   The Desjardin's Sailfin Tang or Red Sea Sailfin Tang is a delightful tang, enjoyed for its wonderful patterning and its attractive coloration!
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Anonymous - 2007-03-29
Great Fish ! I had one for 13 yrs in first a 180 than 300. He was about 7 inches across! I was pretty sad when it died a few weeks ago. I now have a little juvenile in quarantine that I hope will live even longer than my original!

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  • Shane - 2014-03-27
    Did you ever have problems with them cutting their lips on the love rock in your tank? I think that's what got her cut up at least. Her upper lip skin is flapping with her 'breaths' and I just got her like 2 weeks ago.
phil - 2006-05-28
This is a very rewarding fish to keep. Its color maturation is very noticable, and quite striking. Care is relatively easy, this fish is very hardy once acclimated to ideal settings. This tang, as with all other tangs, will learn quickly the individuals who provide their care.

Jack - 2010-04-20
This website is really is cool and helpful.

Mark Tovey - 2005-03-05
A very nice fish, that soon gets to know its owner and eats out of your hand. A very peaceful fish.

kellyanne - 2005-01-22
they are so smart! They know their master too.

Jason - 2004-10-24
I got one, they are cool for eating algea !!

Summer - 2004-04-11