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   Not only is it one of the most beautiful of all the surgeonfish, the Chevron Tang eats a different kind of algae than the other surgeonfish, making it one of the most desirable as well!
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carl - 2006-01-07
Wonderful center piece as they are so lively. Very much like the yellow tang in behaviour but less skittish and evidently more intelligent. In terms of feeding he ignores specific marine flake but loves Spirulina and brine/krill shrimp. Due to the difference in mouth he ignores the dried sea weed I put in unlike most other tangs. Well worth the cash just for the cleaning benefits!

Frank Kovacs - 2003-08-17
This fish was added to my reef a few months ago and has been proven to be the hardest working algae grazer in my tank. He is non-stop all day long on the glass, sandbed and live rock. Awesome fish!