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   Despite its large size, the Bluespine Unicornfish is one of the most personable and friendly surgeonfish, once it gets comfortable it will even take food from its keepers hand!
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Anna Baran - 2016-07-10
I am looking foe Bluespine Unicornfish

sam - 2009-08-24
I just got a unicorn tang and he seems to be settling in well. Still a bit stressed, but it has just been 2 days and the yellow tang is doing a bit of chasing. He is a nice fish and hope he settles in well.

Bryan - 2006-02-13
i have kept all kinds of marine fish for some time and have found the unicorn tang to be one of the best aquarium fish as they tend to change colour very noticably and rapidly to match their surroundings, but have also found them to be reasonably hard to keep as they do not like too much water fluctuation. a beautiful fish none the less.(males grow the spine on their head at a certain age and the tail elongates)