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   True to its name as a youngster, the Zebra Shark has a striped pattern, but as an adult it is spotted. So much for the "zebra", ...and no wonder it is also called the Leopard Shark!
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zoe - 2020-12-30
hey can i have a zabra sharks with a nurse sharks in a 15,000 g both in the same 15,000 g also can i keep a blacktip in a 3,000 g

Nick - 2011-09-19
Thank you for the advice sir just one question where
can you buy a zebra

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  • some fish - 2018-11-20
    I've seen them at Blue Zoo Aquatics, but I recommend you having the proper setup for them.
柳大蟲 - 2017-01-29
We would like to import some live Zebra Shark. Contact me please. Best regard, Liu Wei Chung. Email:

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  • Viknes - 2017-02-09
    Hi..Pls contact me as i could supply you the zebra sharks. call me +0162099003 /
  • Mark - 2018-05-14
    I am looking to buy a couple of shark eggs what type do you have
Dave - 2011-12-30
I have a saltwater aquarium measuring 14ft x 7ft x 7ft. I calculate that it is 4,741 gallons. I want it to be a shark tank (right now it only has a few small reef fish to break it in) and I a planning on adding 1 blacktip reef shark, 1 whitetip reef shark, and 3 whitespotted bamboo sharks (these are definite). I can't decide if i want to add epaulette or port jackson sharks. Anyway, could a Zebra or nurse shark also live in this system? And what shark combinations do you guys think would work? thanks.

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  • Paul Poeschl - 2013-06-14
    The black tip and white tip need a much bigger system, I would recommend a figurem8 shaped pond/tank of at least 10000 gallons
william brown - 2012-05-27
If anyone has any type of shark for sale I will buy please write me.

Iona McCoy - 2011-03-29
Love this site. Where can i buy a zebra shark?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    These unusual and wonderful pets are not for the novice. They require some heavy experience and a very large tank as they get big. Animal World has articles on the Care and Keeping of this exotic, which might be of interest to you. I would start there and should you decide to purchase one, I would look more toward specialized breeders.
Chris - 2010-07-17
There are websites that sell zebra sharks.

Natucia - 2006-01-16
Very pretty fish. A good food for them (and they love it) is a hard boiled egg, with no shell

Dave - 2003-08-22
Two things:

First, love your site, very informative and well done.

Second, the unidentified "cleaner fish" looks to be a remora, probably Echeneis naucrates. It is more commonly known as the "sharksucker" Remora.

Again, thanks for the great site!