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   The Nurse Shark is one of the most available sharks and is easy to keep. But despite it's popularity, the Nurse Shark has one major drawback as an addition to your aquarium. it can grow very large, up to approximately 14 ft. (430 cm)! We are talking about a fish that will need a lot of space! It must be housed in a huge aquarium, up to 1400 gallons!
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Bambi Ghys - 2011-03-04
Nurse sharks are not good for home aquariums. A Federal Permit IS required to collect them and have to be sold to a licensed wholesale facility. State waters there is a 54" size limit (in Florida). Then sold Pet Stores. It is a myth the fish only grows to the size of the tank.

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  • Bambi Ghys - 2011-05-11
    We are working on keeping Nurse Sharks OUT of Pet Stores.
  • David Augustine - 2022-12-25
Anonymous - 2007-02-25
It is now currently illegal to purchase, sell, or keep a nurse shark in captivity without a license issued from the federal government. Which means any nurse shark in captivity outside an endorsed aquarium or zoo is illegal.

Jes - 2006-01-08
i have had one for two yrs. beautiful and very hungry all the time. his favorite meal is lion fish and everything else in the tank. it is very difficult to have anything else in the tank, but they are so beautiful and amazing that it is worth having it by it self.

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  • Jacob - 2011-09-29
    How big is your tank. No matter how big your tank is it will get 3 Plus meters and when it is to big what are you going to do then.
Anonymous - 2008-09-11
I'm doing an project on nurse sharks. I'm in 6th grade and I'm trying to make a good grade on it. Good luck to myself.

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  • Dominic - 2010-05-26
    I like nurse sharks,they are one of my favorites and I like hand feeding them and I'm in 5th grade and I am an expert!Trust me, I study and keep a log:-)
ken - 2007-12-11
The statement about a federal permit for Nurse sharks is incorrect. There is no such permit or regulation currently on the books. This species is a very hearty shark which has been protected from over harvest in Florida by strict commercial laws limiting collection and in the total fishery by seasonal closures.

It is not illegal, BUT, you must make sure that you are buying from a supplier who has legally obtained the shark from a Federal Seafood Wholesaler. We are shark collectors and know the laws, both state and federal. Enjoy this species, but, please, be responsible.

jonathan pan - 2006-01-21
not that i'm insulting anyone in particular but nurse sharks are not for the home aquarium. never even think about putting one in less than 1000 gallons. these animals grow huge up to 14ft. they need a minumum of 10000 gallons. in a 1000 gallons or less they barely can turn once 3ft. i'm not a shark expert but not a shark dummy either. i have never kept one though. i've heard them to be easy EXCEPT they need huge tanks

Anonymous - 2005-12-07
I have one nurse shark in a 155g aquarium and have about 6 month on it and lengh 2'.5", eats squid and litle fish i give him, and it's ok at my home. It's a very beautiful animal. Good luck.

MIKE BROWN - 2003-12-04
Just to say that this site is very informative, but I do want to
let anyone with a nurse shark should no that this species is very
capable of eating large tankmates. Mine had no problem eating several
tankmates near the same size, including a 2 foot snowflake morray
eel, lunar wrasse, clown tang, greenwolf eel. keep this in mind when
going to get your new shark.