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   The Horned Shark is usually very lazy and spends most of it's time laying around on the bottom of the aquarium. This shark was so docile you could feed it by hand, though keep in mind that they do have sharp teeth and may bite if they feel provoked!
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Pavel - 2008-11-23
How do I treat heterodontus f. with parasites, like a copepodos? Do i use copper?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    Horn sharks, like all species of sharks, are prone to parasites - with copepods being a regular. If there are only a few copepods, you can carefully remove them with tweezers. If there is a more intense infestation, they can be treated with freshwater or formalin dips. Formalin has been reported as successful at some aquariums. Organophosphate pesticides are also suggested by some, they are sold under various names including Masoten, Dylox, and Neguvon. But there are varying opinions both for and against treating with this pesticide.

    Do not treat with any medications containing copper compounds or dye solutions.

    Handling is perhaps the biggest cause of shark deaths and can be very hazardous to both the person and the shark. They often do poorly when treated, often due to handling. The sharks thrash around causing internal damage as well as skin damage. So be very careful when handling.

    Some tips to move your shark into a treatment tank are: use a 'soft' treatment tank like a styrofoam box, wear gloves, carefully scoop it into a large plastic bag, then carefully transfer it into the treatment tank.
Kenneth - 2007-12-23
The species of Heterodontus that require cool water (below 70F) are the Australian species. The Horned (H.francisci) is native to Southern Califonia & Mexico - generally lives in waters from 64-80F. So it actually can do pretty well in most home Aquaria.

jenifer martinez - 2007-05-11
I"m so glad that you help us to know all about those animals, thank
you very much.

Damian - 2006-04-03
I have been the proud owner of a pair of port jackson's for approx 6 weeks now. they have settled in well and although the other fish seemed a bit worried when they arrived they are now all chilling together with no problems.

Anonymous - 2006-01-24
these sharks are one of the worst in Heterodontus geneus to keep. and they are a cold water species. they require a miminal of 180 gallons not 150 gallons. i would only recommend this for the mose expirenced hobbiest